Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nice weekend!

This was a very good weekend.

Saturday, Ryan sent me off to brunch with Labmama at our favorite place. I ate my banana nut muffin, migas, and potatoes like it was my last meal. It could have been, it was so delicious. We had a very nice kid-free time together, which is a treasured rarity in our friendship.

Ryan was very busy while I was out of the house preparing for the birthday party he was having for me that afternoon. When I got home from brunch, I found Ryan and the boys on the back porch constructing something huge out of plywood. Charlie's eyes lit up, "HI MAMA! We're making you a SURPRISE!!" Ryan looked sheepish and said "You're not supposed to be home yet!" Later I would learn that this is what they were working on:

Becca's birthday party

Becca's birthday party

Ryan shooed me out the door because he had scheduled a massage for me and wanted me out of the house so I could stop trying to help him get ready. When I came home from that, I learned the purpose of all the sticky mixing bowls I found in the kitchen Saturday morning after Ryan stayed up until almost two. He made FONDANT.

Becca's birthday cake

It was a great party. The food was delicious, well planned, and not prepared by me, many friends and family members came over, and all the kids ran around the backyard like maniacs until someone detected the Bat signal that the cake was available. Then they showed up on the porch like sweaty, red-faced baby birds.

Becca's birthday party

I was blown away. Ryan had decorated the porch in a "Luau" theme, bought enough leis for all the kids, and even a grass skirt for Charlie (which was hysterical, but got ditched when he realized he couldn't go down the slide in it). And he had that piece of plywood in the car for a week and I didn't notice!

Today, after a spectacular three-hour-long simulnap, we finally got to take Charlie on the train ride he earned for accomplishing a goal he's been working on.

train ride
(It has more than ten stickers on it, but he liked them all to be on one side.)

I'm sure the people who sat in front of us were delighted with my over-the-top enthusiasm. "CHARLIE! We get to go on this train because you learned to HMMM in the HMMM HMMM. You get my drift?

Over the river and through the woods. Holy Hell it's hot out here.

train ride

We were there too. I took the opportunity of going to the hippy part of town to show a little more cleavage than is appropriate in the suburbs.

train ride

Another thing we don't see in the suburbs? Tagging. This did not say "Wes," but it did after we got done with it! We got some funny looks taking this picture, but I have to say, Dude, you're wearing a shirt made of body art and carrying a kayak on a bike. Whose making more of a spectacle? I love this town.

Wes side
"Can you take a rainbow from the sky and tell it, 'Hey, stop being a rainbow!' NO! Such is Mango!"


LL said...

What an amazing husband you have! That's so great, I adore that he made you fondant :) I'm glad your boys made your birthday so special - you deserve it!

sarah said...

The cut outs are AWESOME!! SO FUN! And I love that Ryan made fondant--that is amazing!

I'm so glad you had a great weekend! (and that "Wes" tag is hilarious!)

Kim said...

What a lovely birthday celebration! The cut-out is so creative!!

I also love Charlie's reward for ---- in the ----! Yay for him!

Leslie said...

Wow--I knew Ryan could build things from our O.M. days, but fondant? Now I'm really impressed!

Hanah said...

You always seem to be having so much fun. I'm jealous! Happy birthday!

Alyssa said...

Wow - Ryan did such an awesome job for your birthday!! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

Amy said...

How fun!

Andrea said...

So glad you had a great weekend! This is probably a super-nerdy observation, but I love how the "sand" on the cake gets visibly thinner at the water line, to the point of near transparency where waves would be washing.
This is a nice touch.

A. said...

Wow, looks like fun! Happy birthday, and yay, Charlie on the potty training!!