Friday, June 11, 2010


Magical childhood moments were had yesterday. We had several hours free in the afternoon and a hankering for some fresh blackberries, so we went for a drive into the country to a berry farm. OMG WE'RE GOING TO A FARM?? I've never seen Charlie get into the car with such enthusiasm. The drive was very pretty and it felt good to get out of suburbland for a little while.

When we arrived I woke up the farmers and installed them in their tractor.

Ready for Berry Picking

Charlie couldn't believe his eyes when he saw row after row of fat blackberries hanging from their vines. Some of the more remote vines had what seemed like dozens of them all clustered together, ripe for the picking. It was hard to leave any behind, they all looked so good. Charlie told Wes repeatedly "don't pick the rasberries (red, unripe blackberries), only the blackberries!" This made no sense at all to Wes, who was strangely attracted to the red ones. Fortunately he only picked about four berries himself.


I love the blackberry juice on his chin here. Also, it was really, really hot!


When we'd picked all the berries we could handle it was time to go see the animals. On the way there I told them "put your arm around your brother!" for a picture. This is not exactly what I expected.

Put your arm around your brother!

Then a REAL FARMER came and started up a REAL TRACTOR and both boys nearly burst into flames from the excitement. Wes needed to be held for a minute to regain his composure. It was OK because after that there were ANIMALS! There were tiny horses if you ask Charlie, puppies if you ask Wes, and donkeys if you ask me. There were big horses too but the tiny horses were more amenable to being pet through the fence.

Small Horse or Puppy, depending on the kid

Then it was time to go because I was about to burst into literal flames. Was not expecting it to be so hot after a delightful overcast morning in the upper eighties. We made it to our next stop, my parents' house for dinner, with about three-quarters of our blackberry haul. Not too bad!


Kyla said...

Fun, but the thought of doing ANYTHING outdoors in the heat makes me crank up my AC a little. LOL.

Kim said...

I love that both boys almost burst into flames of excitement when the farmer started the tractor! Ha ha! Were you excited too? I find myself so pumped up about cars, trucks, tractors, and planes since having a boy!!

LL said...

This made me laugh out loud- I even read JP the "burst into flames of excitement" line as well as the little horses v. puppies v. donkeys identification debate. Love it! and it sounds like such a fun day for the boys.

Rima said...

Berry picking followed by dinner at the parents? Yum!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh-- adorable! I love the violent hug. We almost went berry picking that day too but ended up getting totally lost because (as I later learned) a ROAD SIGN WAS MISSING in the middle of nowhere. Not as scenic as your day for sure :)

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love the pick of charlie "hugging" Wes.