Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cutie Pie

Wes is at the age I love where he is turning from a baby to a kid, complete with better communication, better motor skills (Running! Jumping off of curbs like Charlie!! OH the knee carnage!), and acting more like a human being in general. It's good times. It's when I start enjoying their company more and stop feeling dread every time I leave the house. Except for today when he laid down and screamed in the church parking lot rather than holding my hand.

He's really lovely and getting cuter every minute. Tonight we took him and Charlie out for dinner where he was thrilled to learn that we had carefully selected a menu of brown items for his enjoyment. He does love brown foods.

He couldn't get enough of the macaroni and cheese, for example.


And here he demonstrates the proper technique for eating all the juice from the cinnamon apples. Put your whole hand in the bowl...


And then suck your thumb. Soothing AND delicious! He did something similar with the maple syrup at Denny's once. He's like a freaking hummingbird.


And then he invited us all to stand for the Benediction.


While Charlie played it cool.


The lady in pink behind Charlie complimented us profusely on the boys' behavior and the way we spoke to them like they were adults. Clearly she did not see me taking pictures of Wes licking his plate.


Anonymous said...

As I am approaching being a parent, I like the idea of talking to the kids like they are adults but can't imagine how to do it. It does not help that none of my friends do this with their children. Can you give me some specific examples?


Marianne said...

Very cute. I think we're exiting that stage where I don't want to take Nathan out - well, OUT where he is unable to run around like the lunatic that he is. We actually had an awesome brunch yesterday. I don't think I'll ever get the compliments you received, though, because he's the loudest kid EVER!

sarah said...

LMAO @ the "stand for the benediction" picture--I totally heard "please rise for the benediction" in my head before I even read your comment. Perfect! LOL

You've got some seriously cute kiddos. As if you didn't already know that. ;-)

Sarah said...

They look so much alike in these pics!

Kathy at Wellness Roadtrip said...

I love that Wes can embrace his love of food more than those of us who have been taught manners. The joy on his face is worth skipping the manners lecture for a few more years!

Rima said...

My son has only recently conceded to holding my hand in the parking lot. Things are much easier now.

AJU5's Mom said...

What is it with kids and putting their fingers in their liquids/ AJU5 has been daughter many times lately putting her finds in her drinks to taste them!

And I agree that they are looking more and more alike each and every day!

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apathy lounge said...

I'm powerless to resist Mac and Cheese. Can't blame Wes one bit.

Kyla said...

He's definitely a cutie pie!!