Monday, May 31, 2010

It was a Grand Slam

My brunch companions:
  • Shouted "We're eating breakfast in a TRAIN!!" once inside the Denny's Classic Diner
  • Drank maple syrup straight from the little cup
  • Laughed uproariously when the kid at the next table had a meltdown
  • Ate maple syrup with a fork
  • Poured apple juice all over themselves while attempting to use the straw cup like a sippy cup
  • Exclaimed "Wes thinks his tummy is a pe*nis!!" loud enough for the bikers at the next table to have a nice laugh (I have no idea what that means)
  • Thoroughly licked all remaining maple syrup from the cup
  • Refused to relinquish the last remaining maple syrup cup on the table because "NO! IT'S TOO HOT AND SPICY FOR BABIES!"
  • Ate eggs with their hands
  • Ate pancakes with their hands
  • Tried to lick syrup off the plate
  • Ate sausage with their hands
  • Noticed a picture of Sammy Davis Junior hanging over our table and exclaimed "OBAMA!!"
They're disgusting, but so much fun.


Kyla said...

LOL!! Sounds like brunch was a party.

Amy said...

LOVE the Obama comment. Jack was doing that for a while, thankfully he has now stopped and doesn't think all African-Americans are our president.

Rima said...

Ha! So funny. Maple syrup is always a hit over here, too. And I always thought my kids were the only ones who called random foods, "spicy." They sound like a riot!

Brooke said...

The Obama thing made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

sarah said...

mmmm, maple syrup. I'm right there with them on that one.

So hilarious!

sarah said...

also? Ironic to me that my word verification for that response was "calery," which served as a good reminder to me NOT to go make myself pancakes and syrup.

AJU5's Mom said...

Okay, this is another reason I may refuse to take my kids out to eat very often. I bet mine would be right there with yours!