Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's in the Bag?

I've been tagged for the What's in the Bag meme by Sarah over at Harrytimes All Jacked Up, so I thought I could give you all a break from the daily horticulture report and let you take a peek inside my purse. The instructions were to take a picture of your purse and then dump it out and let us see what is inside.

Here it is: black Coach bag. It was a gift from my parents for Christmas and I LOVE it. I have always wanted a Coach bag and once (pre-Charlie) saved $300 for the very purpose of buying one but then once I was standing in line at the department store I just couldn't do it. I smelled this purse several times a day for the first few weeks and the pretty purple lining still makes me smile every day.

Although, now that I am looking at this picture, I am wondering if I ever really SEE the lining anymore!

Here's the inventory:

-Reusable grocery bag from BlogHer (love that bag!)

-Lip gloss, lip gloss (I only use one of them, naturally)

-Penssssss (Holy cow what is with all the pens?! Is it because I stash them all there because it's the only place in the whole house the kids seem to understand is off limits? Or is it lingering office supply issues from school? Or both?)

-Keys and keys! Are you noticing a pattern of inefficiency here or what? One set is personal, the other is for work. How many times have I thought I should put those all on one ring! pretty much daily since January. And yet here we are.

-Church name tag and old grocery lists, child's fork, very nice.

-And in the top row we start with my planner, which I seldom remember to use, preferring to call the pediatrician's office three days after a missed appointment to ask them what day it was again.

-My personal wallet

-Mardi Gras beads, of course!

-Pizza coupons and my OTHER wallet! Behold the power of two! It has our grocery money in it. And my checkbook.

-Kleenex, which I didn't know was in there the other day when I used a grocery store receipt to wipe Charlie's nose. Ironically, that happened while I was in line at the grocery store.

-Flash drive. [pushes glasses up nose with index finger, snorts]

-Seeds, cilantro and jalepeno peppers. Anyone need some jalepeno pepper seeds?

So, there you have it. Just the essentials!


Kim said...

I love your purse! Very pretty.

I have coveted Coach products at various times but just cannot spend the money either. Right now I want a Coach wristlet, which actually are not that expensive, but they are too blinged out for my tastes.

My favorite items in your purse are the mardi gras beads (we have some decorating a lamp in our family room!) and the child's fork!

Unknown said...

Oh my god this cracked me up beyond reason. I LOVE that you have 2 of everything-- so, so, so funny. I stash my grocery money in a crumpled envelope labeled "groceries" that looks totally pathetic, but not as pathetic as when I try to pay with my "entertainment" envelope.

Kyla said...

I'd dread doing this. Who knows what is in my purse at this moment! LOL.