Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yo Yo Charlie

Charlie finally got his hot little hands on some musical instruments this weekend at my school.

He played the cello for so long the poor undergrad said "So, um, you must be getting tired, huh?" When he didn't respond, she said "So, I have to go home now. OK?" as she tried to jiggle the bow out of his hand. She was quite serious about the cello and did not find my remark that Charlie could probably use a viola as a cello to be funny. In fact I think she thought I was a little dumb and replied "They're actually different instruments."


His favorite was the violin. When I asked him which instrument he'd like to try he got really shy and said "Maybe the violin?" The way he very seriously made sure his chin was always in contact with the chin rest was very cute slash a window into the future of him getting extremely frustrated during future musical instrument experiences (Hello perfectionist oldest child!). It was pretty special, honestly. I may or may not have gone home and Googled "south violin lessons age three." (they do exist but Ryan was unmoved by my argument that we might have the next concertmaster for the New York Philharmonic on our hands but we'd NEVER KNOW until we gave him a chance!)


You'll never guess which instrument was Wes's favorite!


When we tired of holding him up so he could In A Gadda Da Vida it out he was happy to hit the side of the drum instead. Then he lost interest in music altogether and headed over to the Hula Hoop-a-thon on the next patch of grass over.


Later we attended a flute recital (one of my students was performing) and Charlie had to be whisked away after accidentally getting kicked in the eye by a squirmy little brother. He tried so hard not to cry, but I'm sure it hurt like crazy. Once he settled down both boys really enjoyed the rest of the recital. Wes is a very enthusiastic clapper, even between movements. Despite the minor faux pas and the eye-kicking they got lots of compliments on their good behavior and cuteness.


Hanah said...

You should totally go for the early music lessons! It makes a huge difference in a person's intuitive understanding of rhythm, tone, and reading music. I took piano lessons from age three to age five, and then quit. When I picked up the flute in middle school, six years later, there was an unbelievable difference between me and students with no prior music training. Invaluable.

Sarah said...

I might be the worst mom ever, but I would rather eat my own arm than listen to Harry practice the violin (or any instrument, really) at this point in his/my life.

Also, you are freaking awesome for taking your fam to your student's concert.

LOVE Wes with the drums- ha! Such cute little guys :)

Unknown said...

Most violinists are perfectionists, so he may have found the perfect instrument! Very cute. :)

Alyssa said...

It's never too early to start! Of course, you might have to invest in really great noise-canceling headphones for the first few years :)

Bonnie Y said...

There are also toddler music classes, which are mostly rhythm instruments (Yeah, Wes!) moving and singing - pre-melody and chord instruments.

Kyla said...

Not to encourage you, but:

My mom bought one for KayTar, but hasn't given it to her yet.

sarah said...

that is SUCH a cute picture of Charlie w/ the violin!

We are going to be looking into guitar lessons for Ethan sometime this summer; there is something called the Suzuki method (created by a violinist named Suzuki) that I guess is supposed to wonderful for little kids.

I can't wait to start bringing Ethan to concerts! I'm so glad the boys had a good time (with the exception of that kick in the eye, obviously. Ouch!)

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I bet it isn't too young to start as long as you are willing to allow him to stop (and eat the money you paid) if he doesn't like it in the future!

Leslie said...

I remember when the Music building would be occasionally overrun by the little kids with their tiny string instruments and I always thought they looked so cute (not least because they were mostly Asian and I happen to love Asian babies). Charlie could definitely be one of them :)

Rima said...

SO CUTE! My violin teacher told me all the best violinists start before age 5. Actually, she said that you cannot hope to make anything of yourself as a violinist if you don't start that young. "Hello, my name is Rima. I'm 36 and just started learning violin."

But seriously, there is something about the violin that young children find really attractive. We had another family over this past weekend and I had four kids taking turns trying out my violin. I literally had to pry them away from it!