Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's what I like about Texas

I just checked my camera for the new pictures and DUDE! Did you know it snowed here recently? Because it was in the seventies all weekend. I must have had a raging case of the Seasonal Affective Disorder because I feel better than I have felt in WEEKS.

Or maybe it is just that my kids are almost over the disgusting cold that had us out of all organized activities all week. OMG.

Whatever the case, we only came inside to use the potty and sleep this weekend. I just swept most of my back yard off of the kitchen floor and after I write this I should probably go mop the route from the back door to the bathroom because it looks like a herd of bunnies ran through there.

By the way, I forgot how hard kids sleep when they've been exposed to a moderate amount of fresh air and sunlight.


It all started on Thursday when I dug up part of our yard and put in the garden seen in my last post. Saturday we finished it off with weed cloth, mulch, a trellis, and some climbing vines with pretty yellow flowers.


Saturday morning started with a trip to Home Depot. It was a very big hit once we snagged the race car cart in the parking lot.


Sometimes we like to do silly things to see if the kids will mimic us.


Then we came home and spread out all the mulch and dug this huge hole for the tree we were going to buy. (It got huger than this)


Then Ryan left to go get the tree and the boys had some good natured brotherly fun with the hose. I pulled some more weeds. I've now got a three-foot mound inside a plastic baby pool and think I might be getting close to calling it good.

Ryan came back with an oak tree and Sonic drinks for everyone.

I heart "watermelon" slushes! Also, HFCS!

Ryan finished digging the hole while Wes and I walked to the grocery store for dinner stuff (we were both covered in mud. I was also sweaty. It was hawt. I ran into my friend's husband. My friend who is very pretty and I am sure does not go to the grocery store looking like she's been involved in a shipwreck.).

Then I made dinner and dessert and our niece came over for a slumber party. She and Wes had pillowtalk before bed. It was quite adorable.

Today we went out for breakfast tacos, Ryan took the boys on a bike ride, and I got to go to the nursery and bookstore then topped it off with grocery shopping ALL BY MYSELF.


Unknown said...

hahahahahaha shipwreck!

Leslie said...

you just remember that when its 120 degrees in July >:D said...

Hee, it's nice here in Southern Cal, too. :) But it won't rain again for a year, which means I can grow nothing but cacti.

Rima said...

Stop taunting me with your awesome Texas weather, woman!

Also, that picture of Charlie sleeping is the cutest picture in the world. The feet! OMG!

Kyla said...

The wasps were out taunting me today, which reminds me why I hate spring/summer/fall in Texas and only like winter. That and the fact it will be pushing 100 soon enough!

Chiconky said...

What a lovely day!

Marianne said...

LOL ... Becca --- I feel like you don't even need to add words to your pictures. They're perfect photo essays. Love.