Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coming home was still the best part.

Ryan and I went out for a fancy dinner Friday night to celebrate our anniversary. The restaurant was very nice, with white tablecloths, candles on the tables, and not one stolen road sign on the wall.

The lady beside us offered to take our picture when she saw Ryan trying to take a picture of my chicken, which was covered in a lot of different vegetables I couldn't identify in the low light and a buttery sauce. It was unbelievable. Also pictured, a glass of wine I could have swam in. When I ordered it I said to the waiter "I'd like a glass of the...the... Beau--this one" then pointed at it on the menu. He helpfully asked someone how to pronounce the name of the vineyard then told me next time he came to the table. Next time I'll be ordering the "house red" thankyouverymuch.

My fancy goin-out outfit, sans hooker makeup.

The second time I embarrassed myself in front of the waiter was when I thought the word "ostrich" in the name of my entree was a cute little theme-y thing. After all, all the entrees in that section had a funny animal name. Elk, bison, duck. Wait a minute. So glad I asked. I settled on a perfectly safe chicken entree and was very pleased with it. Very, very pleased. Also pleased that I was not eating a six-foot tall flightless bird.

When we were finished eating I checked the time and was utterly shocked to learn that we had twenty minutes to get the check, pay, and get to the musical. Time flies when you're not trying to contain chaos.

Our seats for the musical were okay I guess.


That is my view of the stage from my seat. My FREE seat that I got with my faculty ID. There was a startling moment in the opening scene where one of the actors was singing angrily right at me about eighteen inches from my face. It was awesome. Other than some annoying guy behind us repeatedly yelling at a girl across the stage deemed "totally hot" by he and his friends "HEY! YOU'RE IN MY ASTRONOMY CLASS! WE MEASURED A PLANET TOGETHER!" then waving his phone around and wiggling his thumbs in a "text me" signal, I'm assuming. After about five confusing minutes of this back and forth he figured out he had the wrong girl, but he and his friends once again concurred that "She's still hot, dude." I was so glad they calmed down when the lights went off.

We laughed uproariously through the whole first act and when the lights came up for intermission we looked around like "What? No! More! I want more!" I stayed in our seats and enjoyed more scintillating conversation from Mr. Astronomy and his friends. Ryan went to the men's room where everyone was joking around "Pee for free! Pee for free!" Then he came back and we enjoyed the second act even more.

I thought about going out for dessert after but it was ten thirty and we had to get home before I fell asleep.

The next day Ryan went out and got us all doughnuts.


and then presented me with the professional portraits of the boys he had done secretly a month ago (HOW I do not know!). Happy anniversary, Ryan, and many more!


Sarah said...

Happy anniversary!! That's a great picture of you two at dinner, and it sounds like a fun date!

Kyla said...

Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a great night!

Love that pic of Charlie!

sarah said...

Happy anniversary! I love the picture of you two, and that you almost ate ostrich and that you had a glass of wine big enough to swim in!

And that picture of Charlie?! Oh my gracious, those eyes!!!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!! The picture of you two is a great one!

Anonymous said...

You two know how to celebrate an anniversary.It looks like a great eve ning. AND I recognize the donut. Many more happy years!!! GGMann

Alyssa said...

Sounds like a wonderful night - astronomy guys and all! And how sweet that your husband gave you professional portraits of the boys!

Happy Anniversary!

AJU5's Mom said...

I wish we would do something special for our anniversary! Sounds like a great night to me!

Oh, and the ostrich thing - hilarious! I normally just go for beef or chicken to be safe...

Amy said...

Congrats on the dinner out and the anniversary! What a cute little couple you are. :)

Chiconky said...

What a great anniversary! Love the dinner picture (and the doughnut picture). Next time try the ostrich. It's delicious, even if you feel a little weird ordering it.

Rima said...

Ooo, belated congrats on your anniversary!

P.S. I ate horse meat once.

Unknown said...

I can't believe it's your 6th(?) anniversary already!!! I still remember your wedding really well! Happy Anniversary to an incredible couple. You two are so good to & for one another. Congrats! Jenny

Anonymous said...

I keep looking back at that great anniversary picture of you 2.As I said before you are a great looking ccouple. Love you both . GGMann