Thursday, February 18, 2010

This kid?


Is killing me with the cuteness right now.

He is so cool I can barely stand it. He is currently doing a science experiment in the bathroom sink while Wes naps. We just finished baking snickerdoodles together. Before that he asked if we could vaccuum the living room floor together. Before that I showed him pictures of the ocean on the computer and he laid his had back against my shoulder and said "I love you, Mama."

We've been working hard on only taking what you need and not being wasteful (particularly when it involves paper towels in public restrooms and free pretzel samples at the grocery store). Yesterday at the grocery store I needed three jars of spaghetti sauce because I was making two lasagnas (one for me and one for Ryan. Kidding. I gave one to a friend). I picked up the first one and put it in the cart. When I reached for the second one Charlie said, very firmly, "No, Mama, you need ONE." When I continued to pick up the second jar he ran over to me and put his hand on my hip. "ONE Mama! Take ONE. Only take ONE!" I could barely contain my giggles as I put a THIRD into the cart. He regarded me suspiciously for the remainder of the shopping trip.

When Wes is freaking out about some perceived slight (which happens many, MANY times a day recently), Charlie sits quietly next to him and pats his tummy softly. Sometimes he brings a toy he thinks Wes will like.

We borrowed a video called "Charlie Trash Truck" from the library and Charlie knows every second of it. He has since constructed a recycling plant under a chair in our living room. He gathers recyclables (Legos, buttons, string), from other parts of the house in his toy recycle truck, drives them to "the plant," then dumps them out and uses a Lego bulldozer to push them under the chair. He can do this for hours.

Today it was time to go to church for my mom club and I heard crazed cackling coming from the living room. When I went to investigate I found Charlie sitting on the floor with no shirt on, SO proud of his little prank.

Later, Labmama and I walked to the grocery store with all the kids in the strollers. We took the long way home and let Charlie and her son run ahead on the sidewalk. They must have run a mile and were all pink cheeked and breathless when it was time to get back on the trail to our houses. Charlie stopped walking and when I turned to see what was bothering him he said "My feet hurt." Upon inspection, I realized his shoes were on the wrong feet AND the tongues were all pushed in around his toes. I put them on correctly and he bounced down the trail yelling "That's MUCH better!!" Goofball.

Finally, last one I SWEAR, for the last two weeks he's been asking me to play "the lobster song" in the car. "The lobster song, Mama! The lobster one! The one with the lobster!" As you can imagine, I didn't have an everloving clue what he was talking about. Finally, today, I said "Charlie, I don't know where to get the lobster song, I am sorry. Want to listen to the radio instead?" He moaned "I want the LOBSTER SONG! IT'S ON THE RED CD FROM THE LIIIIBBRAAAARRRY!" So I put the red "Only Broadway CD You'll Ever Need" CD from the library in and randomly selected track 2, "Anything Goes." He LIT the hell UP. And then, I understood. Tap dancing. The freaking TAP DANCING. Make a lobster claw with your hand. Now tap your "claws" together. Now imagine how that would sound. That is how a lobster "sings" ladies and gentlemen.


Kim said...

I love the recycling truck and the lobster song and the declaration of love after looking at pictures on the computer with you and the science experiment in the sink!! So precious!!

Also, I think it is hilarious that his shoes were on the wrong feet with messed up tongues -- how do they never notice? Aidan came up to me the other day so proud of himself for putting on his shoes by himself... on the wrong feet!!

Chiconky said...

Lobster song! Your kid's pretty awesome.

Kyla said...

Awww, he's a great kid. The lobster song! KayTar loves Safety Dance and she calls it the calculator comes on and she mimes pushing a button on a calculator in time with the beeping.

Sarah said...

Lobster song! That's hilarious. Also, I love that you checkout Broadway compilation albums from the library. What a cutie pie. Harry's current favorite science experiment is to empty a bag of freeze dried fruit into water and see what happens. This never gets old for him.