Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spanish for "The Nino"

It has been raining for SIX YEARS.

We ran out of activities days ago. A situation which came to a head yesterday evening when the kids started flinging spoonfuls of yogurt at each other and I barely glanced up from my email before shrugging my shoulders, relieved that at least they were happy and not fighting.

Then they spent an hour taking a bubble bath.

Today the forecast promised drier weather and temperatures in the fifties by the afternoon. I foolishly told Charlie that we would get to go outside and play in the afternoon. He briefly stopped scratching tally marks into the living room wall with a sharpened baby carrot and smiled.

As it turns out, when I said "play outside" I meant "run from the car to the grocery store with your coat over your head while your mother mutters swear words under her breath about the El Nino."

Over the summer when I read that El Nino would bring us a cooler and wetter winter than average, I was thrilled! We had NO RAIN all summer. And all spring for that matter. No rain! And I was really missing the seasonal changes of our old town. So a cooler and wetter winter? Bring it on! I'll make soup! I'll bake! It will be so cozy and special.

It is not cozy and special. It is like being locked in a shipping container with two golden retrievers on Red Bull.

We've done playdoh, we've done Legos, we've done TV (OH SO MUCH TEEVEEEE), we've had an escalating civil war over the two square feet of carpet immediately in front of the TV, we've made art out of cotton balls, we've baked muffins, we've made stew, we've fallen off the coffee table in front of the window in the playroom after what I can only assume was a last ditch effort to not succumb to a lethal Vitamin D deficiency. We've played nine-thousand games of pig pile, taught Charlie "Go Fish," built forts, and let Wes do pretty much anything he wants that doesn't involve electricity or alcohol.

We've also been consuming more caffeine than has been deemed safe by the FDA. And by "we" I mean "me" because no matter how early Charlie gets up to sit on the potty and sing "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of his lungs, it never seems to put even the smallest dent in his boundless energy.

And now Ryan and I are GChatting the word "poop" back and forth to each other from our respective couches. It's time for the weather to start acting like Texas, is all I'm saying.


Anonymous said...

El Nino can kiss my freakishly pasty white a$$ --abby

Kim said...

I have bad news for you... I'm getting drenched, DRENCHED, right now, and all my weather comes your way. Boo El Nino!

I feel really bad wishing for all this rain to go away because I know it is good for the drought, etc. But DUDE. I am tired of being SOAKED. And Franklin? Franklin has horrendous cabin fever!!! I called him tonight to let him know his food bowl was full and he went on a tear through the house pretending I was harassing him or something. Poor dawg.

Hanah said...

So put them in sweaters and raincoats and rubber boots, and let them go play in the rain and mud. They'll love it! Get the towels ready right inside the door in advance.

Rima said...

I was going to make a snarky comment about rain vs. snow, but then I realized that you can actually go outside and play in the snow. Therefore, my heart goes out to you! Hope it stops soon :)

AJU5's Mom said...

So, we are getting frustrated by this nasty weather too. So, I had an idea yesterday (although I haven't tried it out since today was nice and AJU1 was home). Let them ride bikes/play in the garage! Maybe then they would wear off some steam!

Sarah said...

ugh. being trapped inside is THE WORST. are there any open gyms by you? mall playgrounds? indoor soccer fields? love the baby carrot line-- ha!

sarah said...

I feel badly that it's been so rough for you guys, but your description is so hilarious I have to laugh.

We've had obscene amounts of rain here, too. I agree, The Nino sucks.