Friday, February 26, 2010

The phone call I've been dreading since June of last year


"Hello, Becca. This is Miss Bluebird (the nicest woman in the whole world), calling from Charlie's school?"

Oh geez, who did he puke on? I'll be there in ten minutes.

"Yes, hello."

"I'm calling about Vacation Bible School."

Run. RUUUUUNNNNN. RUN FAST. GET AWAY! Visions of thirteen three-year-olds breaking into a dead run as we walked to music class. Visions of a small child throwing up Play Doh onto a desk. Of getting head butted soundly in the bladder. Three times.

Shoot, I see this woman almost every day. She definitely knows I wasn't paralyzed in a skiing accident, knows I'm not pregnant, missing a limb, psychotic, adopting quintuplets out of a crack den in the city or in jail. Think, think, think--

"I was wondering if you would be interested in a coordinator role. You would have to advise and coordinate the preschool teachers, but you wouldn't get to be in the classroom with any children."


"I'm sorry?"

"What? Oh, I said 'That sounds interesting, tell me more about it.'"

"Well, you would be helping the teachers get organized and get their classrooms set up. You would need to come to a few meetings ahead of time to get everything ready."

"Great, sign me up!"

"Oh, ok, great! I just wanted to stress that there will be a little bit of extra work outside of camp hours and a few meetings this spring..."

"Whatever you want! No kids, right? Because I, uh, don't really find teaching that many three-year-olds to be one of my strengths. Last year I was a little, uh, overwhelmed. Hoo boy." Nervous giggle.

"I actually find I enjoy the coordinating roles more than I did teaching."


"I'm sorry?"

"Oh, nothing. So, great! I better get going, but I would be happy to be preschool coordinator, Thanks for thinking of me."

"Thank you! Goodbye!"


AJU5's Mom said...

I have to laugh at your responses - they are great! I also prefer to do the planning over the actual teaching. I love to work with the kids, but trying to teach them is just not a strong suit of mine (at least in anything more than 2 on 1 or so).

sarah said...

LOL, so glad you don't have to live in dread of the vomiting play dough and head butts this year!

Taylor and Leighton said...

I wish we lived there. I'd totally be one of your teachers! I can do the teaching thing with up to about eight of that age, but don't have the delegating and leading abilities your job would entail.

Hey, I could move my kids down to your sis's house for a week and come teach with you! A dream of course, but it would be fun!

Kyla said...

YAY! Hope it goes well.