Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Information that would have been useful TWO HOURS AGO!

Last night when I went to bed at 12:30 after finishing all my lab grading and half the reading homework for our finance class I was eagerly anticipating waking up to a winter wonderland in the morning. We did have a ninety-percent chance of snow after all and I was told that the magic was supposed to start at three in the morning.

Imagine my disappointment when I heard rain on the roof at six. No kids were awake so I threw an extra blanket on the bed and went back to sleep.

I got up at seven to learn that it wasn't rain at all but SLEET! The roof of the porch, which is outside one of the upstairs windows, was covered in ice! Hurray! No school!

We dressed the troops and had breakfast and everyone gave Ryan two kisses goodbye and he left with the admonition that if he had a car accident and broke his leg he'd still be responsible for bedtime and half the baths every week so he'd better be really freaking careful on the slushy roads. I settled into my morning routine of hiding from the boys long enough to drink my coffee and throw on some clean underpants. Around nine I looked out the window and it was SNOWING. ACTUAL SNOW.

We have had a LOT of rain this winter. And, as you know, I have done a LOT of complaining about it. There's not much you can do with cold rain besides stay inside the house and try not to commit any felonies. But SNOW! Snow has possibilities. I rounded up all of our winter accessories and managed to get everyone sufficiently swaddled in enough layers of fleece that I thought we could be out for several minutes without risking hypothermia then we all ran outside.


We went for a short walk around the culdesac before Wes had a nervous breakdown and had to be put to bed. Swaddled in a fleece blanket. A boy after my own heart.

Charlie opted for a cup of hot cocoa and a little recycling plant imaginative play while I furiously refreshed my school email hoping for a cancellation notice. When none came I made approximately forty-seven phone calls to Ryan, my dad, and Labmama to figure out what to do with the bebies while I went to teach in the afternoon. Ultimately we decided on a complex plan in which my dad would come over around noon, then take the kids to Labmama's if the conditions appeared to be worsening to the point that he was worried about getting home, and Ryan was to come home at 4:30 to relieve whoever had the kids at that point.

That settled, Wes woke up and we went back outside. Where the snow was coming down in fat flakes and sticking to the freaking road.


My dad arrived and I went up to school with no trouble. Another professor and I discussed the week's lab activities and I had just sat down in my office chair when a student came in all aflutter.

"So, the university is closing at 3:00, but lab starts at 2:30 soooo..."

What? I had been there for TEN MINUTES by this point.

The department chair came in and confirmed that lab was indeed cancelled due to weather and that I could go home. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Not that I minded, of course. No sir-ree bob! Especially because I did not have happy thoughts about the way this particular lab was going to go based on the conversation I'd had upon my arrival. But really? All that hassle over what amounted to an hour-long trip to work to check my email? Really?

So I taped a cute little note with a snowman on it to the door announcing the cancelled class, went home, happily, and spent the rest of the day marvelling at the snow through little boys' eyes.


And I'm not going to lie to you, I'm pretty psyched about the forecast high of sixty-seven degrees on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

hate hate hate your forecast :( Ok not really, just jealous. Am really excited about my 42 degrees and sunny forecast for Saturday. Which is lame. Old man winter cna suck it! --abby

Kim said...

So excited you guys had snow!!! How exciting for Charlie and Wes in their own backyard!

Aidan has been calling the flower petals that have fallen off the trees with all the rain we've had snowflakes. He gets all excited that it has "snowed." We just go along with it since he will never see snow here (unless there is an El Nino on 'roids I guess).

Kyla said...

SNNNNOOOOOW! We are jealous, my kids waited all day for the snow (and "impending disaster", according to KayTar who listens VERY closely to the weather reports on the radio)...but it never made it here!

Sarah said...

It looks very pretty!

I have to tell you, your snow-cautions made me giggle a little b/c it is a different world up here in terms of driving, canceling class, etc. I hope you guys have fun playing in your flakes and enjoy the warm up that's coming your way!

Rima said...

You are a better woman than I. I would have pretended school was still on and gone shopping instead.

Anonymous said...

Its such fun to see the reaction to the snow.We are having heavy rain instead of the snow that was predicted.What a crazy winter this has been.We still have piles of ssnow however. GGMann

AJU5's Mom said...

At least the college I work at isn't the only one who sends out notices too late 9they put a two hour delay in at 6:45 when classes start at 7:00).

Glad you still got to have some fun in the snow and you have a few extra days to get ready for lab!

Andrea said...

For the record from your previous post as well, "Snow, Hot Chocolate, Olympics, Legos" is pretty much how I imagine afternoons in heaven.

apathy lounge said...

Loved that you guys finally got some snow. It was predicted for us...but I am DONE with the white stuff for now!!

sarah said...

omg, I think it's so sweet that you got to take so many pictures of them all bundled up and in the snow!

I am pretty sick of our weather, too. No snow, but it rains CONSTANTLY here and it's making me so twitchy! I am just ready for spring!