Saturday, February 27, 2010

I feel like a teenager again! (not in a good way)

The Appalachian Mountains have set up permanent residence on my face. You are welcome for that imagery.

It all started a few months ago when our normally enviable winter weather turned into the less enviable "Buffalo in Springtime" weather of the never-ending cold and rain and my normally average combination skin turned into freakazoid teenage hormones from hell skin.

So, I thought, since I am almost an age that rhymes with purdy, I should probably step up my skincare routine anyway. It would sure be great if I could get rid of my little forehead problem along the way.

My old routine included washing with Dove in the morning and remembering sunscreen and moisturizer almost never. I blame my previously trouble-free skin and resulting shocking lack of skincare knowledge on the hormone therapy I was on for seven thousand years called "pregnancy and breastfeeding."

For my new routine I started diligently washing my face with Cetaphil morning and night and following with the base Olay moisturizer. DID NOT WORK. NOT AT ALL.

Someone suggested using "Purpose" cleanser, so I shelled out another nine dollars and gave it a shot. And it WORKED. Dove in the morning followed by moisturizer, Purpose at night followed by moisturizer. Happy pores! Happy little pores! My skin looked better than it has in a while!

Then I let a dermatologist shame me into adding sunscreen to my regimen and switched from the pink Olay to the yellow Olay Complete.

Do you know how sunscreen works? It makes you break out so bad you swear you'll never leaving the house again. Try getting a sunburn inside your house with all the shades drawn! No sunburn, eh? Sunscreen is working!

Only, I have places to go and many normal-looking adults to see.

So tonight I decided to throw a little money at the problem again and see what I came up with.

Sarah has been researching the chemicals in beauty products and switching her whole family over to the less chemical-laden options. Although I admire that goal, I want you to know that I am willing to make a paste made of gasoline and high fructose corn syrup and smear it all over my body if it will make me look normal again.

Tonight I went to the skincare aisle at the grocery store, threw four or five products designed for this very problem into my basket, grabbed some tortilla chips and cookies, handed over my credit card, and left.

At home I ran up the stairs, my grocery bag bulging with the best mid-priced skincare products chemistry has to offer. Ryan called out "Maybe you should only change one thing at a time... well, nevermind."

Then I blasted the hell out of those suckers. I am promised they will be gone in the morning and will not return. I'll let you know how it goes.


choral_composer said...

I really feel that photographic evidence of the mountain range is required :)

Leslie said...

I use Olay Complete as my face moisturizer- it has the sun screen already in it, so that's one less thing you have to remember! Plus, might be easier on the skin?

Of course, I don't get too much sun exposure here in the city, but SPF15 and smart use of a hat oughta do ya.

A. said...

I use a Neutrogena moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acid (and sunscreen) in it, and a light cleanser with the same (minus the sunscreen). Works OK, not great. Works at least as well as Proactive, which I threw my money away on for the years between my pregnancies in which I was not on The Pill. Which does help, by the way. The pill, that is. Pregnancy, too, eek, then you have to pop a baby out after 9 months and I'm not doing THAT again :-).

I am officially beyond the age that rhymes with purdy, and thus am about to switch my moisturizer to one with all kinds of anti-wrinkle/regenerist stuff in it. It seems so wrong that I have acne AND wrinkles. Who's idea of a good joke was that?!

Good luck, I'm interested to know what works for you!

- Allison

ulyssesthedog said...
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AJU5's Mom said...

I need to start adding sunscreen to my regimen. Luckily, my face has been saved from all oft eh pregnancy/bfing hormones. But, my back is another story. I am just glad I have a few more months until I have to wear a swim suit!

Oh, and I love the new layout. The comment about college students listening really hit home for me!

Anonymous said...

My skin is angry too! What the ef? I say we form a class action lawsuit against mother nature/old man winter/anyone on the weather channel and use the winnings to make our skin purdy :) --abby

Kyla said...

LOL! I was having terrible breakout issues not long ago and switching FROM neutragena makeup to cheapie minerals makeup and using the Kroger brand foaming face wash has worked wonders! My face demanded I spend less money on it, I suppose. LOL.

Andrea said...

Have you tried cold cream like they used in the 30s? Does wonders for me, but I deal more with the harsh winters and less with the recent childbirth.

ps- LOVE LOVE LOVE the new graphics.


Anonymous said...

Love that picture at the blackboard. Will he be left handed? The old teacher in me noticed.

sarah said...

ohmygosh, Becca, you kill me! LOL "a paste of gasoline and HFCS"

Apparently the "Kiss My Face" line is good in terms of the database Sarah referenced in her post. Almost everything they make is a 0-4 or something like that on the "gonna kill you" scale.

My skin has been angry, too, with all the hormones I've been injecting the past few months. I am hoping that once the hormones stop my skin will go back to "normal". If not, I am going to be joining you in the dark house with all the curtains drawn.

Chiconky said...

PLEASE let us know what works. I too am almost "purdy" and still break out like I should be wearing flannel and writing angsty poetry. I haven't quite crossed to the upper-double-digit skincare, but at some point would like to look like a grown-up.

Sarah said...

LOVE the gasoline and HFCS. That's too funny.
I don't know where it is on the kill-you scale, but Neutrogena's on the spot acne treatment has always worked great for me

LOVE the new design!!

LL said...

"Happy little pores!" Love it - I actually have an image in my head of them smiling. Probably because my mom first personified my pores when I was in college and told her I never washed my face before bed. She's a bacterial microbiologist and told me to picture my poor little pores fasping for fresh hour while I slept. I have to admit the image worked... for a little while at least.

Alyssa said...

I decided that it was time to chuck all my old, crusty skincare and make-up products from Target and go to (GASP) a department store for a whole new skincare & makeup regimen. It cost an arm and a leg, but it does make me feel like a grown-up (only 30 more days until I turn 30).

Rima said...


(PS - Love the new header!)

aws said...

I use the Purpose moisturizer that also has sunscreen because i break out whenever I use Olay anything. If the cleanser worked well for you, try that too.

But I feel your pain. Ever since the baby was born I have kissed my clear complexion goodbye.