Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can't put my arms down!

It is SNOWING. Seriously, snowing. These were taken just after it started and it has been going strong for hours. Once all our stuff dries off we'll be back at it, I'm sure.


Our winter family fun time ended with Wes, soaking wet, howling in the downward dog position in the foyer. I put him in dry clothes, swaddled him, and put him to bed where he promptly fell asleep. Charlie chugged a hot chocolate and now it's time for the Olympics and Legos.


Snugglewormy said...

the sideway video made me laugh. marc once taped an entire karate belt test video of his sister sideways. this was before digital recording so in order to watch the video you had to either bend your neck or lay on your side. Only an engineer!!!!

he will have to hear about this the rest of his life I guess!

Sarah said...

SO cute! Love the froggy hat.
Yay snow!!

Rima said...

Love it! (although that looked positively springlike to me :)

Chiconky said...

Could Wes's hat be any cuter?