Monday, February 15, 2010

Hell Hath no Fury

Yesterday we stepped out of the door of our church and stood squinting and dumbfounded in the bright sunlight. What is this? Is the plague of floods over? I wasn't wearing a coat or tights and I was comfortably warm. Charlie was ebullient. He ran and jumped around the little courtyard yelling "THE SUN MADE IT WARM!! THE SUN MADE IT WARM!"

We raced home, shoved some food into his face (Wes slept through all of this), ripped off his church clothes, threw on some shorts and a long sleeved shirt, and shoved him out the front door. Who knew how long it would last?

Charlie and Ryan went on a lovely bike ride around the neighborhood, I opened all the windows and read a magazine on the porch with a cup of coffee. So buoyed were my spirits I was even motivated to fold a load of laundry, all the while humming and enjoying the fresh air coming through the windows.

The boys came back and we all ran into the back yard for soccer! and basketball! and climbing! and swinging! and OMG SUN!!

After about an hour in the yard the sky went black and the wind started howling through the neighborhood, leaving no barbeque grill standing. Seriously, like thirty-five mile per hour gusts. And the wind brought cold, COLD air.

Charlie stood on the porch, crushed and screaming. "I DON'T LOVE THE WIND! I DON'T LOVE IT! I WANT IT TO BE WARM!!"

Every toy that went tumbling past the porch sent him into hysterics. He was terrified to get off the porch to help me round up the toys and instead stood screaming in horror as the wind whipped his pool noodle, his tricycle, and assorted gardening tools all over the yard and I frantically tried to corral everything into the big box we keep on the porch for this very occasion.

Then the wind picked up last summer's plastic baby pool and slung it across the porch. It hit the house with a loud BANG. Charlie nearly had a stroke. I grabbed him, still screaming, and put him in the house, then finished putting the toys away so one of them didn't break a window.

When I checked the thermometer I noted that the temperature had gone from a toasty sixty-eight degrees to forty-five degrees in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Charlie was still screaming "WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR NICE WEATHER? I WANT IT TO BE WARM!" when we strapped him and (now awake and confused) Wes into the car to go out for Valentine's cupcakes. He screamed incoherently all the way out of the neighborhood then fell asleep abruptly just before we arrived at the cupcake place.

I ran inside, ordered our cupcakes, and had them ready at the table before Ryan brought the kids in. Charlie wolfed down his chocolate cupcake, took a deep breath, and said to me sadly "What happened to our nice weather?"

Today it is once again too cold to play outside, so we have been forced to be creative.


Sarah said...

Was Wes humming a happy little song? Love the "turn turn we're going right" SO CUTE.

AJU5's Mom said...

At least I see an advantage to having two kids - you can recruit the older to push the younger so you don't have to!

I hate the wind more than anything. Rain at least is giving us needed moisture. But, wind is just annoying!

Unknown said...

That is a real treat! Thank goodness you got Charlie outside to get rid of some of that energy! I am about sick and tired of all the freezing cold and snow we've been having here! I'm sure A can attest to that, too! Nice to know that warm weather still exists. I feel like it will never get here!

apathy lounge said...

Warm? What's that??

sarah said...

Poor Charlie!!! That has to be so disheartening! But so adorable. Love that video!

Rima said...

I'm with Charlie . . . although I don't even remember what "nice weather" feels like.