Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things I would have Tweeted while shoe shopping if I had an iPhone (and still Tweeted)

*Solo shoe shopping, whee!

*Brown shoes. I need brown shoes. Why is this so difficult?

*Have tried on fourteen pairs of black shoes, some pink ballet slippers, and a pair of sneakers yet am surprised I have not yet found brown shoes.

*Did I miss something? All brown shoes now orthopedic?

*You know what else are not brown shoes? Red patent leather boots. PUT THEM BACK. #wannatryonhookershoes

*To self: Secretely observe women faculty's footwear choices.

*I wonder if I am still banned from buying Mary Janes per @A and @Godmother.


*What's the current stand on ankle boots? Do they look ridonk with skirts? Are cozy and warm.

*@harrytimes, @fortyfivedegrees, am budget shoe-shopping pls advise.

*Do not buy purple tights, you will chicken out at the last minute and leave them in your car for six months. #wannabe

*New rule, all brown shoes must be boring and ugly, whee!

*Open toed boots? What the H?!

*Have decided to look for brown shoes at Panera. Maybe in bakery area?


Sarah said...

LOVE this! LOVE it. And for serious-- open-toed boots? Wha? I do not get them at all. But then I wear Uggs 4 months out of the year #fashionvictim

Anonymous said...

No mary janes unless they are heels...shoe shopping in the middle of the season is IMPOSSIBLE...I went looking for boots and all I found were sandals. Its SNOWING outside, come on! --abby

Andrea said...

Whoa- I love Mary Janes! Maybe not for professional though :( -GM

Kyla said...

LOL! I have had the same time finding cute, COMFORTABLE yet not orthopedic brown shoes!

Rima said...

You're on Twitter??? How come I didn't know this?

mbc said...

Next time I go to DSW, I want you to join me--fun stuff!!

sarah said...

OMG, I could not be laughing any harder right now.

I am a firm believer that you can ALWAYS wear MaryJanes, so I might not be the fashion maven you are seeking.

Also? I have 5 different colors of opaque tights in my drawer as well and can never bring myself to wear them. I used to all the time. #amoldlady

I'm losing my shoe shopping edge these days, what with the iron-clad budget of "holyshitwe'rebroke!"

I need brown shoes too....