Thursday, January 28, 2010

The schedule, it has been breached.

Today at the church mom group I was quite the smug little asshole about how Charlie has dropped his nap and how much his behavior has improved since we stopped trying to make him take one. We've had to be a little bit rigid about bedtime and getting enough outside time, but this no nap thing has meant more predictability and cheerful behavior in general.

And then class let out and it was raining.

So we went home and ran through all of our rainy day activities in the span of an hour. Lunch? Check. Play Doh? Check. Watercolors? TV? Legos? Check, check, check. And it was only one o'clock.


Wes went down for a nap after repeatedly tripping over his own feet falling off of his chair while watching TV, but Charlie was still going strong. I suggested we bake something, an activity he usually loves.

"I want to play basketball."

"We can't play outside right now because it is raining and cold. How about you use this TRASHCAN as a basketball goal?" I held it up excitedly then arranged it so the refrigerator would serve as a backboard then threw a Nerf basketball at it. It missed and rolled pitifully under the kitchen table.

"It doesn't have a hole in the bottom" he deadpanned then skulked into the living room to resume throwing Legos at the TV.

"Let's read some books, Charlie!"

"I want to play basketball."

Then I decided to check my email and he decided to stand on my feet and demand I click on the little red Mozilla icon (which he calls Clifford) with increasing pitch and volume until I said "OK CHARLIE! Time to go up to your room to read books quietly!!"

I installed him on his bed, brought him a few favorite books and told him I would be back in twenty minutes.

An hour later I woke up in a puddle of drool on my own bed, book still open to the page I read a third of before losing consciousness. And it was quiet.

I sneaked into Charlie's room to find him asleep on his reading chair, head resting on the open book he had been reading.

We are in huge trouble tonight.


AJU5's Mom said...

How much trouble was he?

Hopefully he really needed the nap and wasn't a huge fight for bed time. But we have been there at the nap makes going to sleep IMPOSSIBLE days - NO FUN!

Sarah said...

When I read the title of this post, I here a master alarm going off in the back ground-- it's funny in my head. Breach sounds so serious! I had to wake Harry p like 4 times as e drifted off on the couch after swim lessons today. He went to bed at 6:45, which is a major breach-- hell probably wake up at 4:30 tomorrow morning.

How was your night post breach?

sarah said...

I swear when Ethan takes a nap now, we have to run him ragged non-stop from the second he wakes up to ensure that MAYBE he might go to sleep somewhere remotely close to his normal bedtime.

That being said, a chance to take a mid-afternoon nap for you? That had to be delicious.

I hope the rest of the day wasn't too painful!