Sunday, January 17, 2010

My son the throwback

Rossby ripped open a seam on one of Wes's favorite stuffed animals. I said to Charlie "Oh, no problem, I can fix it." Charlie replied

"Papa can fix it."

"I can fix it, Charlie."

"Papa's an engineer!"

"I'm an engineer!"

"No, you're a girl!"


Sarah said...

Isn't hegemony AWESOME?

sarah said...

nice. Ethan says stuff like that all the time. sigh.

Kim said...

Hahaha! Aidan told me the other night that when he was bigger he'd go to work with Dada and I could stay home with Zoe and make dinner. :)

AJU5's Mom said...

The funniest thing is that sewing/mending is normally a "girl" thing! I am surprised he links it to engineering.

Leslie said...

oh NO! We must nip this thinking in the bud. Anyway, mama is a physics professor now, that's pretty badass in my book.

Erin said...

Perhaps Charlie has been watching classic TV. There's a great (I mean, historically speaking) episode of Father Knows Best called "Betty, Girl Engineer." We show it to our media studies undergrads, and it totally blows their minds.



Anonymous said...

My nephews had some of that too. We all went snowboarding up at Tahoe, and I had left my snowboard downstairs. My nephews were convinced it was my brother's snowboard (he was just starting to learn so he did not own one yet) and they would not believe my sister nor her husband when they said it was my board. Once I confirmed that yes, it was my board, they seemed really disappointed.

Meika said...

Noooo! :D

Kyla said...


If sewing had to be done around here...Josh would be the man for the job.