Friday, January 15, 2010

How is that 15 minutes a day thing going?

Charlie and then Wes caught the most miserable cold they've ever had short of RSV immediately after I made my little commitment, precluding me ever going to the gym at a convenient time ever again, and no, they were not sick at the same time, Charlie was sick for a week and now Wes is sick.

(Their antibiotic prescriptions, for ear infections, do overlap, however. Charlie gets one dose, unrefrigerated, with food, in the evening, Wes gets two doses, refrigerated, one in the morning, one in the evening, with food or without. And if Charlie even touches Wes's amoxicillin, he could have a violent reaction complete with hives and ridiculous fever. Parenting? It is good preparation for ANY job out there.)

Since it has also been freakishly cold here, we also couldn't take walks. That left the 30 Day Shred. I hate The Shred. I hate the windmills, I hate the push-ups, I hate the fifty different kinds of lunges and squats you have to do, I hate the music. But once I realized I no longer resembled a marsupial? I was hooked. Yay Shred! Everybody do the Shred with me!

I don't really need to update you on the showering, do I? I mean, the fact that I had to make it a New Year's Resolution is kind of astounding anyway. But, I find, that having done that, I don't look up at 9:30 at night and think "I haven't taken a shower today. Meh, I'm tired." It's been good, in other words. Ryan keeps telling me how pretty my hair smells. I tell him that's because it's clean DURING THE DAY FOR ONCE. Woah.

And I was cruising along nicely getting my paper moving when I was able to work on it every night. I solidified the things I wanted to cover, adjusted the introduction accordingly, and did the previous work section, all in about a week. And then I had to start preparing for my class, so I devoted my work time to that. There are only so many minutes in a day, after all. Once things settle into a pattern, I think I'll come back to my paper, especially because I now have a desk that is not perpetually covered in toys, broken pieces of the nativity set, and food.

Being productive in some areas has made me more productive in other areas too! Turns out stepping away from the computer/cookies/TV (WOW I have a lot of bad habits) is the hardest part. Once you're away you notice how disgusting the kitchen floor is and how much laundry there is to do. And then suddenly you realize you don't even have enough laundry to do a whole load and you're like DUDE, I am on top of the laundry. And that is a good feeling.


Sarah said...

your showering paragraph KILLED me-- so funny.
I also HATE the 30 DS, but it is the only option when gym daycare is ruled out. sigh.
there's a yoga studio in the building next to my office, and I am thinking of taking a class there. but then I'd have to work out in public. with others. yikes.

AJU5's Mom said...

We have been hanging out downstairs a lot more (as opposed to upstairs int he office)- and I agree when you do, you see a lot more mess! It is kind of scary...

Way to go keeping on top of your "resolutions!"

Kim said...

I love being on top of the laundry. Today I am drowning in it. Because someone (who shall remain anonymous) peed all over my bed last night. Someone who thinks sleeping with her butt high in the air is a good idea.

Congrats on the progress on your paper! I have started trying to limit, or at least be aware, of how much time I waste in front of the computer and/or TV, and it is really shocking. I get so much more done and feel so less frazzled when I don't "relax" in front of a screen!

I hope the boys feel better soon!

sarah said...

The 30DS is a nightmare. Hate it. I'm so impressed that you manage to shower every day. LOL

Rima said...

I don't know the 30 Day Shred sounds kind of fun! Windmills? Lunges? I kind of like those things :) How long does it take before you really see results?