Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Am pretty sure undergrads can smell fear

Ryan woke me up at 8:00 tonight and gently suggested I go get in bed. For the night. At 8:00. I couldn't even make it through Nova.

Today was the first real day of lab, and blog material-wise, it did not disappoint.

First of all, the chair came in forty minutes before class and hastily explained a few corrections he had to the homework that was due that day. Then, while I was sitting there trying to make sense of what he said, two students came in and asked for help with THOSE VERY PROBLEMS.

It was then that the policy of skimming that has served me well through nine years of higher education was no longer acceptable.

We made it through, and I was really glad for their questions, because it really solidified my own understanding of the problems. That's when I decided to scrap taking up the homework first thing and planned to go over the offending problems as a class. Together. On the board. In all it's butt-wiggling glory.

And then class started and I described the quantity represented by the letter "V" as "velocity" at least six-hundred times before I said "OH NO! I've been saying 'velocity' haven't I?! Am sorry! Is VOLTAGE!" Ha ha HA BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT!

And then crawled into a hole and wished I had some kind of endearing foreign accent. Things are funnier when said with an accent.

Also? I missed MISSED missed mah baybees.

And also? I missed the way I can mess up with them and sing "Old Mac Donald had a SCHOOL BUS!" and everyone dissolves into riotous laughter instead of staring at me like I'd just suggested we hire a stripper to do the next three lectures.

I was so grateful when they finally started the experiment because I KNEW how to do that. Like, "Bring on the electricity, bitches, I got this!" They are clever little undergrads. And very industrious. I didn't get to leave until 5:20! I had to work for five whole hours.

And I am exhausted. Like, WAH, right?

I was so happy to see Charlie's face pop up in the playroom window when I pushed the garage door opener. I was so happy to walk into my house, which smelled of veggie chili in the crock pot (Crockpots, like wives for wives!). I soaked up the details of the boys' afternoon from my dad (they went to the playground and played with their friends from the old nabe, Wes took a nap).

I have no way to close this except to say today was kind of "meh" and I am looking forward to getting into a new routine. Preferably one that does not require OSHA's involvement due to the size of my laundry pile. And falling asleep before eight.


sarah said...

OMG, I love that you said the wrong word a hundred thousand times. I just love you! LOL

It will get easier and your butt will stop wiggling when you write on the board (try standing w/ your legs a little bit farther apart--I always found that gave me more stability).

and yes, the crock pot? Is my new BFF. Being done with dinner before noon? Revolutionary!

AJU5's Mom said...

Hopefully Friday will go well - its the same class right? If so, then you won't have to worry about the problems - you will have them down! But, in the future, you might want to get the problems from the prof and do them yourself. I always had to workt he problems I assigned because occasionally there would be one or two that would be weird...

Hanah said...

Last week I said something that was actually factually wrong and a student corrected me. So what I'm saying is, it could be way worse.

Sarah said...

I hate writing on the board-- makes me feel very paranoid.

the 5 whole hours comment cracked me up-- that's how I feel, too!

Also, they probably all assumed that you were saying the right word and their understanding was wrong b/c you're the professor!

Andrea said...

You're a champ!
Also- my crock pot and I are planning a Valentine's getaway.


Alyssa said...

Ha! Well, at least it was a memorable lab for your students :)

Bridget McCarthy said...

Totally next time you should just start an accent. Just bust out in random accents throughout lectures and labs and, well, they'll be so on edge trying to figure out when the next accent will come and what accent it will be they'll NEVER notice you've said the wrong word four hundred times! Try it and tell me if it works. :)

Anonymous said...

That got a giggle from me. I especially like when I've said the wrong thing for 3 classes and it finally hits me what I've been saying...most of the time, they don't even notice. Just play it off and say the right thing the next time. Then they'll just think they imagined it...oh, and for the butt jiggle: Ann Taylor long sweaters! They hide EVERYTHING!!!! And I just change the color of the shirt underneath so I can get by with wearing the same sweater, like, 3times a week! Alright, so maybe my students have noticed that, too... :)

Casey Willits said...

Okay, the crockpot like is hilarious. I am stealing it for my quotes section on Facebook.