Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today we had a magical playdate during which Charlie acted like one of "those children" at the mall playground the whole time. I was pretty frustrated and when they went home and I told him to sit at the table so I could make his lunch and he instead ran up the stairs and laughed at me, I told him that if he would rather be upstairs than he could just go to bed. Since he laughed at me again I figured it was a go and put him in his room with the babygate across the door.

He had eaten approximately seven pounds of pumpkin bread that morning, so I figured hunger wasn't the issue. I returned to his room and held him until the miserable sobbing abated, then calmly tucked him back in and told him that he would feel better if he got some rest. Then he kicked down his baby gate and then shoved me with both hands on my ass as I tried to set it back up.

He was on fire.

Perplexed, I called Ryan and asked him whether he remembered Charlie eating anything for breakfast. Ryan thought he had eaten a Clementine. So, awesome! My forty pound child has had nothing to eat all day besides a clementine and three loaves of pumpkin bread.

I immediately brought him downstairs and made him a sandwich. He saw a bag of salad on the counter and the remains of my turkey and spring mix sandwich and asked if he could have a salad sandwich too. And then he ate an entire turkey, cheese, and spring mix salad on whole wheat sandwich, CRUSTS included. Then drank a glass of milk and had another piece of pumpkin bread.

And then he was MUCH calmer. Poor, poor kid.


And this is all I have to show for my "work time" tonight. It never fails that if I go work out after dinner I think the whole time I am on the treadmill "I feel great! I'm going to go home and work on my paper! I'm going to get back into research and feel really good about myself! And I'm going to work out every night! And I'm never going to eat another cookie as long as I live!" and then I get home and I clean up the kitchen and putter around for a few minutes while my computer boots up and then check out Facebook and read blogs. And then it's bedtime and I've done no work and eaten a handful of cookies! Yay!


choral_composer said...

Pumpkin bread as a morning snack? I wish you were my mommy :)

Sarah said...

totally-- I cannot get anything done at night, especially post workout. Harry acts like that to sometimes (EVERY DAY), and I am always waaaaaaay too pissed to think rationally about what he could need besides timeout. good for you!

Kim said...

When I went to college and I would come home to visit, my mom always greeted me with food in her hands. I never understood how super cranky low blood sugar can make you until I had kids of my own. Now I know that when Aidan repeatedly sacks his sister he's likely hungry or tired. And we never leave the house without a diaper bag full of food!

LL said...

I would also like some pumpkin bread.

And as for your second chapter to this post, you still worked out! That's huge! Most nights I just putter around the house, eat a bunch of cookies, and then go to bed with no workout and no productivity. Be proud!

AJU5's Mom said...

We face teh hungry child=cranky child a lot. Luckily, it is often enough that it has become a standard question when she is cranky (do you want to eat?).

Oh, and as for working - I have big plans too. But, then I get one thing accomplished and I forget the 99,999 other things I wanted to get done... At least you get a work out in!

Rima said...

Poor Charlie! I've done that sort of thing before - getting on my kid's case for acting out only to find that . . . oops, she has a 103 fever! Niiiice.

Chiconky said...

Three years into this and I'm still surprised every.single.time my son behaves like a monster, eats, and then is a normal human being again. You'd think knowing mys husband (and the same pattern) I'd have figured it out by now. And your pumpkin bread must be awesome.

Kyla said...

It is those dang endorphins making you think you can do anything...that's why I don't bother working out. LOL. Okay, maybe that isn't the EXACT reason...but it'll do. ;)