Thursday, December 10, 2009

While You were Sweeping

Today I tried to clean up the kitchen during Sid the Science Kid and it took the entire episode! Just to SWEEP! It is not a big kitchen!

I got behind the table then had to go break up a fight over the door to the playroom. Open or closed? Brothers fingers smashed to a paper-thin bloody pulp or not? Many screams of indignity on both sides. One instance of smashed fingers. Resisted the urge to shout "This is why we don't %#@$ around with the door!" Yay for teachable moments.

Then I got the part by the garage door and heard MORE FIGHTING. This time it was a showdown over the Position of Honor. Standing directly in front of the TV. One of them had opened the door to the cabinet where we keep CDs and the other was using his entire body weight to crush the other one's arm in the opening. It was adorable, really, displaying their love for each other this way. I don't ordinarily intervene in brother disputes, but in cases of potential compound fracture I make an exception. I also managed to nearly dump a full dustpan of crumbs, cheerios, and banana slices onto my living room floor. That would have been awesome.

Next, I got the refrigerator/stove/sink area, but was interrupted when I looked up to see Wes standing on my desk chair, cup of coffee in hand. I opened my mouth to screech "PUT THAT DOWN" just as he took a sip then dumped the whole thing down the front of his shirt. He was not a fan.

Wes is in bed now and Charlie is content, but I've decided we would all be safer if I didn't clean up the kitchen for now. Instead I am here wishing Wes hadn't spilled all my coffee and wondering if I should make another pot. Clearly I need to be at my most alert--which I haven't been--I have FORGOTTEN to go to the grocery store two days in a row. How do you forget that you have NO FOOD? Last night for dinner we had cheeseburgers with no buns and a bag of frozen green beans. I ate the last piece of stale bread with the last of the peanut butter for breakfast. At least we still have about half of the two-pound tube of premade cookie dough that was FREE with COUPON, so I have my dinner covered.

It will be interesting to see if this gets better or worse when I start working.


AJU5's Mom said...

Well, when you are working you will be out of the house without kids. So, there is a high potential of remembering to stop at the store on the way home... The cleaning may be worse though!

Leslie said...

I say, use your new salary to get maid service. Done and done.

Kyla said...

It'll get easier when they get a bit older. PROMISE. They will scamper off and play happily together with no major accidents. Sometimes, though, they will act like children from a sitcom with the whole, "She's looking at me! He's BREATHING too loud! Waaahhh!" bit. But it is still easier than the craziness of the preschool/toddler days.

Sarah said...

Better. The time. It is quality.

Get this-- I opened my box of coffee pods this morning, and there weren't any. I FORGOT TO GET COFFEE!! Clearly, I need more coffee.

Taylor and Leighton said...

Not to be Debbie Downer, but it'll get worse, though thankfully you're only going part time. I'm out of the house 45 hours a week...just fathom that for a second. And Larry travels and does many business dinners, so I'm often all on my own in the evenings and even overnight. My toilet (yes, singular, b/c we have only one bathroom) just went a month w/o being cleaned. It was nasty, to say the least. Ugh.