Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rainy Day

I am getting tons of things done today. Why? We are trapped inside the house. Together. All day.

Because it is freezing and, raaaaaaiinnning.

And raining and raining and raining some more.

We have ventured out only twice, once to yoga at the community center, after which I sat down with the paper for a few minutes only to be waved into the nursery by the babysitter who told me, AFTER THE KIDS HAD ALREADY SEEN ME, that "They're playing so nicely! You can get some coffee and read the paper if you want!" HELPFUL.

And later we went to the grocery store because it is freezing and raining and not making something in the crock pot just wouldn't do. So I have cream of chicken and wild rice stew going in the crock pot and a loaf of rosemary-olive oil bread in the bread machine. Go little appliances! Make me look like Superwife!

When Charlie wakes up we're going to make cookies.

UPDATE: Predictably, the bottom fell out at dinnertime. Wes loved his stew and ate it by making sculptures out of it on top of his sippy cup then licking it off. Charlie didn't eat anything because he wasn't hungry after stealing approximately seven cups of cookie dough off the counter. Now Ryan is putting them to bed by himself because, in his words, "I don't know how you do this all day and still seem so happy by dinnertime." He wants me to eat cookies and watch the president on TV.


Anonymous said...

may i please have your recipe for the creamy chicken stew? thank you! it is freezing and rainy where i am at too! cold little dagger rain drops!

Taylor and Leighton said...

I love your husband. Is that strange?

Becca said...

@Anon, I wouldn't recommend my recipe actually. It tasted good but it was in the crock pot for so long that all the rice and stock turned into a gray mess! I think I'll do it on the stove top next time.

Kyla said...

I love the cold and rainy days!

Nora said...

I am so very much on Team Ryan.

Sarah said...

yum-- sounds great and I LOVE the description of how Wes ate it-- too funny.

sarah said...

Ryan is very possibly the best husband in the world. LOL Or at least a close second after mine.