Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Murphy's Laws (Amended)

  • If you decide at preschool dropoff that you will drop off your tuition check at pickup, you will most certainly be running late at pickup.

  • If you are running late to pick your kid up at school, the stroller will definitely be buried under seven tons of outgrown children's clothing that you've put off taking to the children's shelter.

  • If you then decide to bag the stroller, because you are late anyway, you will remember that you have to write the tuition check. While holding a squirmy almost-toddler.

  • If your children are playing nicely by themselves and no one is fighting or whining and the house is clean and you have a new Newsweek to read, you WILL SUDDENLY REMEMBER that you have missed an H1N1 booster appointment and then you will call, hoping to reschedule for next week, and then they will say "No problem, just come in now!"


  • And they won't let you wait in the waiting room because it's just flu clinic so please line up by the sign.

  • So you will have to hold a squirmy, angry baby with a disgusting diaper for fifteen minutes while your squirmy three year old with wet undies wraps the string that holds the pen to the clipboard around and around his head like a headband.

  • And you can't get out of line to take care of the diaper and the undies because it's a LINE and you will LOSE YOUR PLACE.

  • ARGH!!!!


Lindsay said...

Bec! I appreciate that NoBoPloMo-mo... er, you know... ended and you are still a posting machine! I enjoy reading so often! Keep it up!

Kim said...

I feel really bad laughing reading this post because I know it was super stressful for you, so hopefully you can look back on this and laugh soon!

AJU5's Mom said...

Sounds like fun (jk)! Why do strollers have to be such big pains? I wish they would make something so all you had to do is push a button and the stroller would appear all unfolded and ready to go. It would be so much easier!

Sarah said...

too funny. but probably not funny at all at the time. those are moments when I am glad to be out and about because I would probably lose it if I were home :)

sarah said...

omg, I have so done the first one a hundred times!