Monday, December 21, 2009

Dinner is at My House!

I freaked out a little yesterday when the final RSVP for Christmas dinner came in and the tally stood at seventeen people. Naturally, I called my mother to freak out on the phone and then headed to the supermarket for a little retail therapy, Magical Christmas Feast edition.

I realized I might be overreacting a little when I was standing in the frozen poultry department considering whether the ten pound ham and ten pound turkey would be enough meat for seventeen people. Although three of those people will be teenaged boys, I am thinking that MORE THAN A POUND OF MEAT PER PERSON should be adequate.

Especially because I think I bought enough green beans that I could also invite Santa, the reindeer, AND all the elves and still not run out.

Also, I bought ten pounds of flour and eight pounds of sugar and thirty ounces of pumpkin puree. If my guests get hungry and revolt I plan on fortifying my kitchen with an impenetrable wall of Christmas cookies and pie.

Next up in plan Manage Entertaining Anxiety was to give out the assignments. I found a delicious looking but hard and time intensive recipe for rum cake that I decided we NEEDED to have for dessert (for the adults, the children will be having pumpkin cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing because I HAVE LOST MY MIND). I casually brought it up to my brother-in-law who likes to cook and I thought might know where and how to buy rum. He laughed and then I fixed him with a steely gaze and he agreed to give it a shot. He also said you can buy rum at 7-11 then drink it in the parking lot from a paper bag. Good to know.

My mom and dad agreed to bring the booze and a side dish we call Corn Corn Corn. No need to expose the extended family to my wine selecting skills! Turns out you really need to spend more than six dollars for the big bottle for special occasions. Really!

So, it's coming together. I think I can fit all the adults at the dining room table if we all like each other a really really lot and then I can relegate all the children (aged fifteen months to sixteen years) to the kitchen.

Now, if I can just stop confusing Ryan by referring to it as "Thanksgiving Dinner."


Sarah said...

"where and how to buy rum" hahahahahaha!

sounds awesome-- and very grown up! and now I want pumpkin cupcakes w/ cream cheese icing because YUM)

choral_composer said...

Good luck! At the moment I have a 14lb turkey and a Ham, just for the two of us!!!!!!

And I have been making Jalapeno Jelly every night as gifts, because as a church musician I really don't have much to do at Christmas!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see our assignment anywhere? What should we bring? Do you need appetizers, soda....maybe a little butter for all those beans ;)
Let me know. I'm going to the store on Tuesday.

Alyssa said...

Sounds like it will be amazing, once all the craziness is over :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have enough forks?

Rima said...

You are making me very nervous, because I am hosting fifteen people for Christmas dinner and my only meat item is one ten pound ham. CRAP! (No teenagers, but the brothers-in-dawg will be there.)

Kyla said...

Good luck! The reason we like having family nearby is that we're never in charge of holidays meals!

sarah said...

seriously, woman, I get so excited when I see a new post from you (erm, daily) because I know you are going to make me laugh so hard. The impenetrable wall of cookies and pies? Priceless.

I love this post.