Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Take Two

Saturday night we met Ryan's parents at their hotel for happy hour before going out for dinner. I was feeling fancy so I got Charlie a Shirley Temple. How cute would that be? I thought.

He gasped with excitement when he saw it. Loved that it was pink. Loved the marachino cherry. HATED the carbonation. Still talks about how "that pink drink hurt my tongue. I didn't like it." And yet he will slurp down the medium salsa like there is no tomorrow. Meet the tree you didn't fall very far from, my little apple.


Next up we went to Buco di Beppo for dinner. Ryan was trying to explain it on the phone to his dad and kept saying "Buco da Poppo? Bucko di Poopo? Buca da Fuca?" while I very supportively laughed until my eyes watered. Whatever it was called it was just the place for two exuberant children to blend in with the rest of the loud crowd and where we could still get a nice meal.

Charlie was bruchetta man. He is quite the little host, serving everyone more salad every time they put down their fork, completely full. Just wait until he's manning the wine. We'll all be passed out under the table and he'll be helpfully topping off our glasses.


Wes ate more than Ryan. Poor Ryan was sitting next to him and I am sure he regrets having taught him the "more" sign because Wes ate Ryan's dinner when he finished with his own. I was very surprised, but perhaps should not have been, that a platter of chicken canneloni meant to feed six adults was insufficient to feed four adults and two small children. But that is the way it went. Next time Wes gets his own platter.

"Yeah it's a serving spoon. What? No, really, WHAT?"

This morning we went straight to the park after church. Obviously I hadn't considered that possibility when planning my outfit. I am sure everyone behind me enjoyed watching me crawl under the playscape to retrieve Wes. Or did not enjoy, as the case may have (likely) been.


My new favorite picture of Wes.

But we had a GREAT time. Especially when the little park train drove by and I told Charlie that we were going to ride on it and he grabbed my hand and ran towards the train station and yelled "I am so EXCITED!"

Ready for some magical fun.

The dark tunnel decorated with Christmas lights at the end of the ride was so exciting I could feel Charlie's heartbeat through his jacket. He stayed VERY EXCITED until the train pulled back into the station after our ride and it was time to get off. That part was less exciting.

On the way back to the car we stopped into the museum to watch a terrifying video about the "GREAT FORCES" (said in a booming voice) that formed the earth, more specifically the landscape near where we live. There was thunder, lightning, volcanoes, and earthquakes and the movie was shown in a dark simulated cave. Very effective in scaring Charlie away from any kind of earth science profession for the rest of his life. Ryan and I thought it was kind of awesome.

After naptime Ryan's parents came over and I made another Christmas dinner. This time I made roast beef to go with all those leftover green beans and also to use the new well tree pan of my grandma's that my parents gave me. I was so proud of my roast--made all by myself with nary a phone call home--that I took a picture of it. No microwave shenanigans required and even Charlie said "I wike da meat!"



sarah said...

LOL, I used to LOVE Shirley Temples! And I love Buco di Poopo. ;-) Such cute pictures!

Sarah said...

We had in-law Christmas yesterday, too! (but I served, um sandwiches). Dude, that was a lovely roast, totally picture worthy. I LOVE the "so excited," and I love that you could feel his little heart beat-- too, too cute.

apathy lounge said...

I wike da meat, too! Love your family picture!

Kyla said...

Your kids are impressive eaters! I'm always in awe of their healthy appetites.

Has Charlie never had a soda before now?

Looks like super fun! I just love the holidays!