Saturday, December 19, 2009

Because when you ask Santa for something, it's as good as yours

The other day we were pulling out of the driveway--on the way to school and after only about a half cup of coffee--when Charlie asked why it gets cold in the winter. I sputtered out something half-coherent about the earth revolving around the sun (originally said sun revolving around the earth, how eleventh century Catholic Church of me) and then got into the tilt of the earth's axis and how the northern hemisphere, where we live, is closer to the sun in the summer and further away in the winter. He listened thoughtfully and then said, again "Oh, because?"

Which is weird, because I think I made myself pretty clear, even though the only thought I was currently having about the sun was that I wish it would just go away because my head hurt.

So, I told Charlie, it would be easier to explain this if we had a globe.

He thought for a minute and then said "I ask Santa for a globe."

Alrighty then, NOOO problem. Why could we not have had this conversation a week ago when I could have gotten Free Super Saver Shipping? Where the eff am I going to find a globe?

Don't get me wrong--I am thrilled to support Charlie's interest in planetary science. It's just, have you seen a globe in a store recently? I saw two at a yard sale this summer. One featured the USSR and the other one only had Europe and a huge sea monster where North America should have been.

Any chance he forgot about asking Santa for a globe? NO WAY DUDE. Not only did he tell Santa, he also told my sister, my neighbor, Labmama, and his grandparents. Santa was going to bring him a globe.

So this morning after we went out for breakfast tacos I thought I'd just go to Target and pick one up. Twenty minutes later I returned to the car empty handed and totally pissed off then enchanted the entire family with a lengthy monologue about electronic toys and why the hell do kids even learn to read anymore when you can get a PEN that does it FOR YOU. Ho ho ho, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I was even more annoyed by Office Depot, whose only globe was in the "office decor" department and was FIFTY BUCKS but at least they had a convenient and clean bathroom.

I was beginning to wonder how well Charlie would handle Santa giving him an IOU when I decided to make one last stop at the annoying potpourri-smelling, saccharine music-playing Christian bookstore slash educational supply warehouse to see if I could find a REAL globe with current geopoliticial information. And possibly mountains you can feel. Because those MAKE the globe, I say.

It was a Christmas miracle.

They had two!

I had to resist also buying the inflatable version (although now that I am typing this I kind of want to go back for the inflatable version) and all the solar system workbooks they had nearby. Charlie is bright, but I think grade 4-8 might still be a little advanced.

I cannot wait for preschool geography class. I am also wondering how long it will take before someone tries to throw it like a ball. Maybe I will go get the inflatable one too.


Steph said...

He already has more curiosity than Husband's general science undergraduates, and soon he'll know more than them, too! :-)

Sarah said...

Awesome! When I was little, our globe still had Siam which worked out well for my King and I fetish.

Andrea said...

OMG I totally asked for a globe when I was 3!!!!!!
It had the sticking up mountains and USSR and Yugoslavia and everything. I still remember the satisfying non-electric, purely mechanical, hollow wood-on-metal whirrring noise it made it when it spun around its axis too.

I loved that globe.

mbc said...

So glad you found one. Nothing like a last minute request from Santa. Kids LOVE globes--and yes, get the inflatable one too!

Anonymous said...

I know where I can take you and Charlie next summer---to see the giant globe in (I think) Falmouth, ME. It is amazing.

Alyssa said...

That is awesome. There is a toy store here that sells a puzzle of the whole solar system (each planet is its own 3D ball) --- soooo cool.

statia said...

I always told my friends that when I had kids, I wouldn't go all over the place looking for a toy they asked for, rather give them an IOU. After all, kids need to learn disappointment at some point right (I sound like I'd make a horrible mother, don't I)?

Needless to say, this is the first year that my near three year old actually asked for something he saw in Target in the Christmas section and of course he's been telling everyone that's what he wants. And of course, when I went back to the store, it wasn't there, because they were limited items. Of course. And all I thought was how disappointed he was going to be when he didn't get the ONE thing he truly asked for. The thing he asked for on his own, without prompting from us.

Thankfully the hubs found one and saved the day from me sounding like I would have made the worst mother ever.

sarah said...

Ethan LOVES maps. A globe is a good idea. Yeah, we have that pen that reads. I'm hoping it will inspire Ethan to learn to read rather than turning him into a lazy punk. Not sure it will work.

apathy lounge said...

I know you must have gone to Mardel. I've gone there in a moment of desperation, but so much of their stuff (even the educational stuff)revolves around Christianity and that has no place in a school classroom. Their stock of non-religious school stuff isn't as large, so I opt for a place called "Teachers' Tools". I like it much better.

Rima said...

You are a good mama!

Amy said...

The kids got a talking globe for Christmas last year but you are right, it's rather unrealistic when it comes to the shape of the continents. However, they also have a stuffed globe that is awesome and very detailed. This is it:

Jack knows where the Maldives are, thanks to Mommy and Daddy, and is quite interested in the continents thanks to school.

Kyla said...

Hooray! Isn't it an amazing feeling when you track the ungettable item down?!