Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You can thank Nablopomo for this shimmering piece of coherency.

You guys are the BEST.

Thank you for being so excited with me. You guys mean a lot to me and it was SO MUCH FUN getting all the virtual back-pats and hugs yesterday afternoon. Thanks!!

I knew about the job early in October after I gave a seminar on campus. I didn't want to say anything until I got the official offer letter. It came yesterday in the middle of a particularly trying week of teething and colds and Ryan having to work a lot and let me tell you I practically danced up the sidewalk to the church to pick Charlie up after school after getting the letter.

I will be teaching Physics II (God help us all) Lab Tuesday afternoons in the spring at a small liberal arts college. One day a week in the classroom! I cannot think of a more ideal situation. My dad is going to be our "manny!" Charlie can stay in his awesome school, which meets on MWF. It's PERFECT. And I did not expect to be called "Assistant Professor (part-time)." I am blown away.

ANYWAY! Moving on! Today was very much back to the nap-resisting, tantrum throwing status quo. We left bilingual storytime at the library in disgrace after Wesley threw a head-banging tantrum in the middle of the circle and Charlie got up in the middle of one of the stories and noisily ran over to my place by the window where I was trying desperately to keep Wes quiet post-slamming his forehead into the floor in protest. It was a bad scene.

We walked up to the coffee shop afterwards because I figured if I did the work required to get everybody out of the house I was going to get more than ten freaking minutes of enjoyment out of it. I needed coffee! I texted Labmama to let her know (her kids are slightly older and more capable of behaving like human beings in storytime) where we were. She called shortly after to say that they were going home because her kids flipped out too. Must be the moon or something.

That's all. Thanks again.


Alyssa said...

That position sounds so perfect for you! Congrats again!!

If you ever have any physics questions, I'd be glad to help out, but I'm sure you'll do awesome!

AJU5's Mom said...

First, landing an afternoon class is great! That way you aren't going to be so stressed to get everyone ready in the morning. Then, to have your dad watch the boys is another huge score because you don't have to worry about getting them ready to leave.

Good luck! Hopefully you will have a class of great students so it will be easy :)

Kyla said...

When I get to Physics in school, expect some panicked emails at 3am, okay? LOL.

sarah said...

so happy for you!!!! It sounds perfect! I don't know who this Labmama person is (I'm sure she's lovely), but I'm jealous she gets to go to storytime with you! Can't you come teach at a small liberal arts college up here in Northern Cal? :-)