Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

The bike was a HUGE hit. I'll post the video tomorrow because it's still uploading. Let's just say, it was a beautiful sunrise, I didn't have time to find my shoes, and I could see my breath while I was standing barefoot in the culdesac watching Charlie test it out. That was one happy kid.

Here's Charlie blowing out the candles on the traditional breakfast birthday cake.


And here are Charlie and Wesley and the cousins high on sugar and playing in front of our house. Not surprisingly, he was confused when he got yelled at for tackling Wes and running into the street today. We're having to do a bit of retraining after The Weekend of Never-ending Treats and No Rules.

And here's a funny video of Wes saying "Touchdown" while we were out for lunch the other day.


G'ma P said...

What fun to wake upin the middle of the night and decide to look at Halloween in Austin!

Sarah said...

LOVE the birthday breakfast cake (with helmet). So glad he had a fun birthday!!! Also, Wes saying touchdown is really cute; I love how babies talk like monsters :)

Rima said...

Traditional breakfast birthday cake?

I want to be in your family.

Happy Birthday to Charlie! Enjoy the bike and don't forget to wear your helmet!

Kyla said...

Birthday cake for breakfast?! YUM!

We are non-sports people...I don't know that my kids even know what a touchdown is at this point. LOL.

AJU5's Mom said...

Ahh... retraining - such a pain but the fun they had while allowed to break the rules is priceless (as evidenced by the video).

I can't wait to see the bike video!

Shannon said...

What a cool neighborhood you live in! I love how well the older kids play with the littler ones. Awesome.