Monday, November 23, 2009

We are Disgusting

Rossby Laundry

Rossby has become quite the grumpy old man of late, having a panic attack when the FedEx truck passes the house, putting stuffed animals in his water bowl, growling at the merest hint that someone in the house might be having fun, especially if that fun involves loud laughing, shrieking, and/or jumping. And let's not forget how he steals food right out of the hands of children, while they are sitting at the table. For these infractions he has spent a lot of time in "The Hole" (sleeping on a down blanket in our master bedroom).

Today my mom came over and watched the boys while my dad and I ran an errand up to school and when we came back she commented on how grumpy Ross was acting and suggested they take him home for the rest of the week. I thought he could use the downtime too, so I sent him home with them.

As soon as we walked back into the house Charlie asked "Where's Ross go?"

"He's on vacation!"


"He's tired."

"Oh. He'll come home when he feels better."


Did I tell you that on Charlie's Thanksgiving turkey project at school where he had to list an item he was thankful for on each feather? And his turkey had only two feathers? Mama and Rossby?

I thought of Ross numerous times. When I went to check on Charlie and I didn't hear his collar jingling down the hall after me, something that usually makes me CRAZY--does he have to be so noisy ALL the FREAKING TIME?--it was kind of lonely. When I laid down to read during the boys' naptime he didn't jump up into bed with me and snuggle against my chest. When we got home from a doctor's appointment Charlie flung open the door expectantly then turned and said sadly "Where did Rossby go? I miss him."

I miss him too. I hope this vacation helps him calm down and we can all start fresh.

Because I had no idea what pigs my kids were until I didn't have a dog eating everything before it hit the ground.

Can I interest you in some black beans? Roasted potatoes? You know you want a Cheerio!

We've woken up every morning of our marriage to Rossby joining us in bed--under the covers of course, we cosleep with our dog--at the same time every day. Tomorrow is going to be so quiet. I hope he can come home soon. Because Charlie misses him!


Anonymous said...

Awww poor Rossby....perhaps a nice day at the spa would help. A little furry facial? --abby

sarah said...

omg, that is a sweet dog!!! I hope the poor little dude enjoys his vacation!

Sarah said...

I would love few days at my parents' house by myself.

What a cute little doggy he is-- hope he comes back rejuvenated and relaxed.

Rima said...

Awe, poor Rossby! I hope he returns happy and refreshed. Will he be getting a pedicure and massage, as well?

Erin said...

Last week, our cat was at the vet all day for a routine check-up and the house felt so EMPTY!

Probably you both needed a break from each other so that everyone realizes how much they love everyone else. When he comes back, you and he and the rest of the family will be all "OMGIMISSEDYOUWHEREDIDYOUGOILOVEYOU!"