Thursday, November 26, 2009


The last few days when I've gone out I've noticed little pairs of parents and their college-age kids. The parents beaming happily, the kids wearing sweatpants and sneakers and their college sweatshirt, awkwardly sipping coffee (oh, you drink coffee now?) as they ease back into being cared for by their parents, who for their part, are happy to have them home and probably made brownies and opened a fresh bottle of red while they fretted about the long drive until their baby was home safe in their arms.

I still remember how good it felt to come home. It still feels good to go to my parents' even though I've made sure by creating two independent little people that I will never be able to truly relax again.

But here I am at Ryan's parents' drinking a hot cup of coffee, watching the Today Show, and listening to Charlie massacre the piano while my father-in-law feeds Wes fruit salad he made this morning before we all got up. And in a few minutes Charlie and I will watch the parade together all wrapped up in the new Santa blanket he couldn't part with at the store yesterday.

This is pretty awesome too.


Sarah said...

So sweet! I saw a mom and her college-age son shopping on Tuesday night at Trader Joe's AND the regular store. I was shopping with Harry, so it was a cute little glimpse into my future, when he's a surly twenty-something, and I am so happy to have him home.

Kyla said...

It may not be 100% relaxation, but it gets close sometimes.

apathy lounge said...

You have a good perspective on things. It's good to know that the homecoming is mostly the same for all matter how old their kids get.

sarah said...

love this.