Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A picture WOULD be worth a thousand words

Today the boys and I had lunch with my sister. As is our custom, I was completely ignoring the kids and was engrossed in a conversation with my sister (spelling all the really good words, naturally) when I heard a loud POP and felt a spray of liquid on my arm.

I turned to Wes, sitting next to me, who until that moment had been sucking on one of those single-serve half and half cups (that I had given him, "build a tower Wes! Ooh, blocks!). He had bitten it and made it explode all over me, him, the floor, the table, and possibly even the backs of the people at the next table.

He looked so startled by the loud noise. For a moment it looked like he was going to cry. But then he got his first taste of half and half and started slurping it down instead. He looked about as happy as I do at church when there is no skim milk to be had and I have to use half and half in my coffee instead, BUMMER.

Like DOOOOD. YUMMY. whereyabeenallmylife

(WOW I could really go for one of those right now.)



Bonnie Y said...

And guess what will happen next time he discovers a creamer!

Kim said...

Wes has excellent taste, obviously. Half and half rules!

Kyla said...

LOL! It is yummy.

AJU5's Mom said...

AJU5 tired to drink the last drops out of the creamer at a meeting before depositing them in the garbage (don't ask me why my colleagues didn't put them in the garbage to begin with...).

And that would definitely be a time I wished there was a hidden camera so we could have seen it!

sarah said...

OMG, Ethan still loves those creamers. I'm relieved, I thought you were going to say one of them puked all over you.

And these days, I find myself spelling almost entire sentences.