Friday, November 27, 2009

Now that I've got that off my chest

Many many bad words were said at this sign:


which helpfully suggested we not tailgate the car in front of us because traffic pretty much sucks and in this age of shovel-ready stimulus projects our best effort is throwing up this asshole sign on the side of the road. Happy Thanksgiving, sorry you've spent three hours driving the last sixty miles. It's not about to get any better so suck it. And don't tailgate. We would hate for the minor impact caused by rear-ending another car going fifteen miles per hour to dislodge the blood clot that's been forming in your neck from all the pent up fury and kill you. Happy holidays!

There, I feel better.

Fortunately the drive up did not set the tone for the rest of the trip. We had a GREAT time.

Charlie ran around the back yard like a maniac with all the big kids at the family Thanksgiving, pausing only to eat every carbohydrate he could find before scurrying off to play tackle football with a bunch of kids who outweighed him by two times and had already agreed they were playing touch football. The effect was quite comical. Wes enjoyed looking cute and eating all of Ryan's turkey, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. I was with the whole family (forty people) watching the Cowboys game in the living room when Charlie came and asked me to find Phent for him. I grudgingly put down my wine and found Phent then shooed Charlie off to play. A few minutes later the day caught up with Charlie:


That wooden thing behind him is the leg of the entertainment center. He was right in the middle of the crowded noisy room. What a party animal. I moved him to a bed, then later into the car, then later into his own bed and he didn't wake up once.

A few minutes later, however, when Ryan went in to say "Your cousins are here, do you want to go ride the train?" he snapped out of bed like a fireman. Ryan's parents' neighbors have an elaborate train set up in their yard along with lights and music and they give rides to whomever wants them from Thanksgiving through New Year's. When we rounded the corner and Charlie saw the house he shrieked "MAMA!" and RAN the rest of the way there. It wasn't crowded and he went for four rides before I cut him off.

The drive home went very smoothly and then we put on the adorable new jammies Ryan's mom bought for the boys and put them to bed.



Sarah said...

LOVE the jammies

sarah said...

omg, pictures are preshus!! And that first paragraph? Is why I love you! Hilarious!