Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not so bright

Yesterday at 4:30 I just couldn't. take. the. screaming. and. whining. anymore. COULD NOT TAKE.

Wes had been a giant grouch since he woke up (when he was not sleeping, which, thank goodness he took normal naps). Charlie did not nap, though I knew he was tired by the way he nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home from school.

And it was Friday at 4:30 and I had just completely had it with the whole SAHM thing for the week. I wanted to be DONE. And then Wes started fidgeting with his ears.


I called Pediatrician Man and told the nurse that Wes had been SUPERSUPER fussy and was playing with his ears, should I bring him in or wait it out?

Bring him in? Oh. Because I really just called so I could talk to another adult and he doesn't have a fever or anything, but OK. Sure. 6:20 sounds great, thanks. Bye!

Then I called Ryan and repeated my tale of woe and asked him to meet me at Pediatrician Man's to help with Charlie.

We were in the exam room when the nurse asked if Wes had "any other medical issues" and I suddenly remembered that he had gotten his seasonal flu vaccine the day before. Of course I didn't say anything because I didn't want this total stranger whose only interest was in the well-being of my child to know what a total idiot I was for bringing a child to the after-hours clinic for TOTALLY NORMAL VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS.

Not surprisingly, Wes was the picture of health.

I apologized PROFUSELY to Ryan, who had to leave work early to meet me, being sure to carefully spell out the word M-O-R-O-N so Charlie wouldn't learn it.

On the plus side, we did score a totally awesome plastic vomit basin that Charlie took with us to dinner and then used as a plate for his burrito.


sarah said...

omg, so funny!!

LL said...

I love love the last part. And dude, I'm so hyper aware of potential ear infections after Landon's constant string of them that I would have been at the pediatrician's too.

Kyla said...

KayTar carried around an emesis basin for like a week as a temporary lovey. Life is weird.

Sarah said...

But if you hadn't taken him, it totally would have been an ear infection and you'd have had to deal w/ the weekend crowd at urgent care. yuck!

AJU5's Mom said...

I think they should ask when you call if they have had any shots recently, etc. Cuz I bet you aren't the only one to have made that mistake!