Saturday, November 14, 2009

Garden Revisited

In April I spent a lot of time ripping out our old front garden and replanting it. I was so proud of the finished product!

What I didn't know at the time is that I had inadvertantly installed an all-you-can-eat deer buffet. We have a pack (?) of deer that live in the woods adjacent to our house. At night they come graze on our grass and landscaping, apparently. I didn't know what was happening when I first noticed that it looked like someone was trimming the plants at night, but the next night there were hoofprints in the dirt. GRRR. Then it seemed like everyone on my street had a "deer eating plants" story to share with me.

It was like the part in The Poisonwood Bible where the father plants the vegetable garden and the jungle plants take it over and all the natives are like "Duh!"

Anywho, when that happened I was so disgusted I washed my hands of the whole thing and just let them have it. And then we went approximately seventeen years without measurable precipitation. And then this wild grass-vine thing took over everything that was left.

The garden was looking bad. It was a big grassy mess with two three-foot Franken-marigold plants spilling awkwardly over the retaining wall.

Then we got a letter from the HOA telling us someone had narked us out for "unkempt landscaping."

Today I finally got sick of getting the stroller tangled up in the giant marigold plants as I passed by and decided to "fix" the garden. I started by digging up every last cubic inch of dirt looking for the roots of the wild grass infiltrator.

As you might imagine, Charlie was lots of help. Good company, though!


I dug and dug and dug and Charlie built roads with his toy excavator while Ryan mowed the lawn (good little suburbanites, we). And then dug and dug and dug some more.

Then we took a break to go out for pizza and to buy some new DEER PROOF plants.

Charlie eating a piece of apple dessert pizza.

"It's pizza with PIE inside!

Wesley chillaxing with his pizza:

Always take a picture before correcting inappropriate behavior.

After I planted those plants I had to go to Lowe's and buy more plants and mulch and some of that fabric stuff that supresses weeds. Because I am NOT fighting off that grass ever again. I'd show you an "after" picture but I couldn't take one as it was DARK when I finished working and also I had to go attend to the frozen lasagne I had lovingly microwaved for my family. Maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow if the deer have behaved themselves.


Steph said...

Double Dave's! Yum!

I'm glad our HOA never seems to notice our out-of-control weeds in the back yard. There was one this year that was taller than Husband. We're going to try to break that record next year. :)

Bonnie Y said...

We were caught with "debris" on the front patio. Turned out it was leaves. It was November and I'd been away a week when they did their inspection!

Rima said...

But the foot on the table is just so darn cute!

"chillaxin" is officially my new favorite word, and "Down With Deer!" is my new motto.

AJU5's Mom said...

Okay, Steph's comment made me want Double Daves, and there isn't one for 5 hours (I think)! I miss pizza rolls...

I love the picture of Wes and his eating position - so infant/toddler-esk!

justwondering said...

Oh HOA...The world could do without them!

Kim said...

I just found out that pomegranate trees are deer-resistant. I love pomegranates (more than chocolate!) and thought I'd pass it on!