Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Charlie had a really terrible day.

Those of you who know me on Facebook were treated to a delightful play-by-play of my day, which included threatening to mail one of my beloved offspring to Pakistan (where his skills of manipulation and resistance would surely be useful in fighting the Tal*iban). Before 8:00 this morning, Charlie had already been exiled to his room once, for kicking Wesley, totally unprovoked, Wesley had already had a number of back-arching, screaming tantrums over not being allowed to scale my desk like a sherpa, and Charlie had had a potty accident (which I don't think was an "accident" as it occured during a time out).

Ryan was apologetic as he left me alone in the lion's den, but I swear I saw him kick his heels together as he walked to his car.

I'd list all of the conflicts we had today, but it would be easier to say that he fought me over every single thing I asked him to do that was not "eat an entire block of cheese for lunch and wash it down with a bottle of chocolate syrup." And even then he whined because I made him use a glass.

He screamed from his room about who-knows-what for forty-five minutes after bedtime. During that time I sat on the couch getting angrier and angrier because he had been doing this ALL DAY LONG! Why couldn't I get ONE HOUR of quiet time before bed? That is not a lot to ask! Finally I stormed up the stairs and around the corner to his room. I picked him up and dumped him unceremoniously on his bed, pulled the covers up to his armpits, and laid down next to him.

Still angry, I held him until he calmed down. He lay there hiccuping quietly for a few minutes then squirmed way over to the wall so we weren't touching as if to make a point that he was angry too. I fought back tears of frustration.

He yawned again then said "Tell me about Maine."

After a few minutes of talking about lobster boats and the ocean and Marmalade the Cat and staying in a house with Grandma and Grandpa and his special bed in the room with the slanty ceiling he had rolled across the bed so he could hold my hand. Our faces were an inch apart as he excitedly whispered about throwing rocks in the water and looking for hermit crabs and swimming in the ocean.

I kissed him and told him it was time to go to sleep and that I'd see him in the morning. As I gently pried my hand away from his grip and walked out of his room, he was still talking about lobster and tug boats and ice cream on the porch.

And I wasn't angry anymore either.


Kim said...

Isn't toddler pillow talk the best? Aidan woke up last night at 11 and talked to me for almost a half hour about everything! They are getting so big!

I'm really sorry you had such a rough day -- hope tomorrow is better!!

Kyla said...

Well, I'm glad it ended on a happy note. Those days are so tough. I hope today is a much better day for you both!

Sarah said...

that's so sweet. When my kids are acting sh*tty, I KNOW that they need one-on-one time and positive reinforcement and blah blah bah blah blah. But it is so hard to WANT to do those things.

AJU5's Mom said...

I am glad the day ended well. It makes it easier to forget all the bad he had done I bet!

Amy said...

Glad you got some QT with him. I find myself rushing Jack through his bedtime books when he's had a shitty day and I catch myself and try to remember this is the part of the day that counts. Tonight he wanted me to read each and every word as he pointed to it and I was losing my mind but then realized I was probably missing out on teaching him to read so I took a deep breath and did it. It about killed me. :)

zplus10mom said...

Two of mine are in college and one in high school. I still remember those story times...although ours are about South Dakota:-) I kind of miss those days - thanks for the reminder - great story.

Anonymous said...

Wont Grandma&Grandpa Paulsen be thrilled that what Charlie ewanted to talk about was Maine. What more could they ask.
GG Mann