Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Longer Satisfied to Merely Watch the Football Players Tackle Each Other

Alternate title: "Why I am Confused when People ask if I Want A Third Child"

Charlie tried to engage Wes in a friendly little game of full-contact living room football on Saturday while we watched college football.


Fearing someone was about to get bitten by our defenseless little warewolf who could not for the life of him figure out why Charlie kept jumping on him, Ryan jumped in to moderate.


But then Wes dragged Ryan back into the fray.


I read somewhere that boys and men show affection through rough play. It's going to be a long eighteen years. They're like puppies, I tell you.


And then Wes became overwhelmed and called a blankie time out.



Anonymous said...

Too funny! We get scenes similar to this at our house, even when the oldest is a daughter and not a son! They both love when Anthony comes home because their rough-and-tumble playmate is finally there to push them to the point of whines and exhaustion. Always a good time!

I love Wes' eyes in that last photo....change the thumb to a paci, and the blankie to yellow, and you have Stephen...the same expression! Is it "help me!" or "can you believe them?" that you read in there?

Aren't they awesome?

Kim said...

I swear I have said, "Aidan, do NOT sack Zoe" about 487 times this past weekend. I feel like a broken record. I can't imagine having two boys and a husband in the house!!!

AJU5's Mom said...

I wonder how my MIL survived with 4 boys! Even after we got married, they would tackle each other in the house (i.e. teenagers and 20-something year olds). But, it is a sign of love I think unless it gets really violent...

Sarah said...

So cute!! Mine are puppies, too. And Ben still has physical altercations with my brother Ben, so 18 years! Ha!