Thursday, October 15, 2009

All's well that ends well! (said the guy whose kid didn't almost sever his ear)

Today started with me standing barefoot and pajama clad in my kitchen when Charlie lost his balance on the stairs (because he was trying to throw a blanket down into the kitchen) and did a slow-motion cartwheel down to the bottom. But instead of turning on his hands, he used his head. I caught him before the revolution that would have led to him actually hitting the hard kitchen floor, but he had done something terrible to his ear. He held it, screaming, and as I rubbed his back and whispered in his ear I was thinking "How the heck am I going to get my bra on while I'm holding him so I can take him to the emergency room?" and then "I should really have drunk my coffee faster because I need to concentrate right now and I don't think I can."

So I carried him to the couch hoping I wasn't aggravating any spinal cord injuries he might have incurred and held him until he calmed down. His ear was red and swollen, but not bleeding anywhere, so I tucked him in with a quilt and went to get some ice. He refused the ice and asked for Phent. And George.

I didn't even bother calling Pediatrician Man because the office has been so swamped with flu calls that I haven't been able to talk to a human in at least four months. So I went to Dr. Google. I'll tell you what, there is no more useless search term than "broken ear." Based on my research I prescribed Tylenol and a sippy cup of milk. And also lots of TV so I could post a lot of sarcastic status updates on Facebook about not falling down the stairs before I've had my coffee. Because day-um that was scary.

His ear is still very tender and red tonight but the swelling has gone down enough to really look at it and wonder how close he came to almost ripping it off a little. Gag.

It's good he didn't rip his ear off because tonight was Open House at his school and he was Very Excited. Like, he saw the dress shirt and pants I picked out for him and abandoned his dinner to put them on and then stood by the door to the garage impatiently while I got Wes ready.

We arrived really early so we killed time taking magical special pictures in the pumpkin patch (these are in order so you can watch the crazy unfold).





Remember last year?


Wesley is bigger now. My arms, I am happy to report, are smaller.

When Ryan arrived Charlie took us to his classroom, excitedly leading us down the hallway and pointing out points of interest along the way--the water fountain was a big highlight. I've never seen him so proud. In his classroom he showed us his art portfolio, which was wonderful. His teacher is so creative and thoughtful and I know Charlie loves her and their projects. He was buzzing with excitement as he showed us his apple tree, his apple stamp art, his autumn wreath, and his soap bubbles.

Giant forehead bug bite of mystery also self-treated with oral Benadryl after unsuccessful attempt at reaching the phone nurse. Fortunately it stopped swelling before it started impinging on his brain!

And Wesley aged approximately seven months in the time it took me to put him in long pants and a real shirt.


Charlie's teacher had so many great things to say about Charlie that after Wes went to bed Charlie got to stay up for hot chocolate.



sarah said...

omg, I remember that picture from last year like it was yesterday.

I love that your first thought was getting your bra on. Hilarious.

Glad Charlie's ear is getting better!

Steph said...

Are you sure that's Wesley? I can't believe how grown up he looks in that picture!

So proud of Charlie! If only I had been good enough at my work to earn hot chocolate before bed...

Alyssa said...

Wow, I can't believe how much they've both grown in the past year! The photos in the pumpkin patch are just too awesome.

Sarah said...

Love your special magical pictures Also, love their out fits, cannot believe how grown up Wes is, and heart the art portfolio. SO CUTE!

AJU5's Mom said...

Glad his ear is better. And boy have both boys grown in a year! It is hard to believe how much they have changed!

Candy said...

Well, what an exciting day! I am glad you didn´t have to get any stitches at the emergency room. Now don´t you go demonstrating the cartwheel manouvre to anyone. Kids bounce! I tried to do a cartwheel on the grass in East Boothbay and I almost pulled something, and that was on purpose! Uffda!

Amy said...

That cartwheeling down the stairs is one of the worst things to watch because you know you just can't stop it but you so desperately want to!

And Wes, seriously, he's like 14.

Kyla said...

So glad he's okay, minus a little ear trauma!

I can't believe how much Wesley has grown. Wow. Has it really been a YEAR since that photo was taken?