Thursday, September 17, 2009

With apologies to the husbands involved

An email exchange with Labmama (a friendship made in Nerd Heaven):

Me: No, unfortunately we don't have a theme for Wesley's party. His invitations are football-themed, but that is just because they are cute (And it's fall. And depending on who's playing there might be a game on). We are low key birthday people!

Labmama: I don't really do themes for parties either. The decoration of the cake is the beginning and end of our "themes." I have a friend that goes way overboard on themes. The last one that we were at was an Under the Sea theme...she hired a ukulele player for the party.

Me: HA! Hysterical. I am sorry to disappoint, but even if we have a "football theme," Colt McCoy and Graham Harrell will not be making an appearance. Which is a damn shame.

LM: Wait just a minute, are you putting Graham and Colt in the same category??? I am hoping that you're just tired! LOL! Graham is far more beautiful than Colt. And he is named after a sweet delicious cracker!

Me: Haha! I guess I was tired. I don't really know anything about Colt!
Neither of them compare to my pediatrician. Or Rob Marciano from CNN Weather. I could go for some graham crackers.

LM: Now see I am a jim cantore girl. I fell in love with him way way back when he was a forcaster AND had hair. you know you're a loser when you are in high school and you like a weather guy. wes's party could have a 'my favorite hottie' theme! hmmm what cake would come out of that theme!


Sarah said...

who could come out of that cake is a better question.

But you can do so much with a football theme. Like have football food and beer. And that's all I got.

Rima said...

My kids have never had a theme party, either. I get all in a tizzy just thinking about how stressful that would be. But this year V-meister specifically started talking about a princess party back in April (her birthday is in October), so I might have to comply. But princesses are easy, right? Gowns, pointy hats, maybe a turret or two?

Anyway, sounds like you have a good friend in LabMama!

AJU5's Mom said...

I have a friend that goes overboard too. We did do ducks for AJU5's first birthday - but that was way easy! I bought some duck things from Oriental Trading and that was about it though. This year I am thinking hot air balloons - but again WAY EASY! It just gives me a direction for the cake and VERY SIMPLE decorations!

Kyla said...


We always pick a theme, but we're pretty low key about it. I don't have that crazy birthday party mojo some people have.

Andrea said...

Jim Cantore!? Labmama, you used to be cool.

apathy lounge said...

Yes. Children's birthday parties make me tired. The planning. The worry. The mess. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Wesley's present is on the way.Glad you have no theme because I don't either.Have a great party.