Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things that happened in the first hour of my day as a WOHer

My goodness how do you people do this?

I woke up at 6:00, thirty minutes before the alarm, too terrified to sleep, so I took a shower, which woke Wesley up.

Got dressed in my suit then took Wesley downstairs for breakfast, forgot myself, and let him play this game he plays where he pushes me away and I act surprised. Got banana all over my suit jacket.

Realized that because my dad was coming to watch the boys, there would be people besides me inside my house, which was disgusting. Spend twenty minutes straightening it up. In my suit.

Made Charlie's lunch out of scraps because I haven't been to the store in six years. (turkey and cheese roll ups, yogurt, Goldfish, juice box)

Made Ryan's lunch out of the scraps of scraps (stale-ish ham sandwich, least dubious of the dubious apples langushing in the fruit basket).

Spent five or ten minutes trying to playfully get Charlie to bring his sneakers downstairs from his room. Dodged other objects flying down the stairs that were not sneakers. A book, part of his bedpost, a sham, a receiving blanket. Finally went and got the sneakers myself. Discipline FAIL.

Watched Ryan hack a scorpion to death with a section of Thomas train track IN THE PLAYROOM. Gagged in disgust as it tried to sting the train track. Gagged a few more times just for effect as Ryan wadded it up in a paper towel and took it outside. I'm gagging now just thinking about it.

I am starting to panic now because my directions involve the interstate and not the good freeway and the interstate is infamous for random mysterious traffic jams with no cause at odd times of day... like say ten o'clock in the morning... and I am thinking that allowing three times the time I thought I'd need isn't enough, maybe I should have allowed four times the amount instead.

I'm going to miss the little guys!


Steph said...

Good luck!

AJU5's Mom said...

I don't know how they do it either! Being a WAHM is hard enough :)

Good luck today! You will do great!

Nicky said...

Based on what I do, here are two immediate suggestions:

1. Get dressed last. (I went to work covered in yogurt many, many times before slapping my forehead and changing the order of my morning routine.)

2. From now on, Ryan makes his own lunch. Seriously.

Good luck with the talk!!!

Sarah said...

Good luck today!!!

So nice of you to make Ryan's lunch. Nice of him to kill deadly stinging thing in playroom. Ya'll should move here-- no scorpions.

Have fun today :)