Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I distinctly remember taking naps well into the kindergarten years

Hello friends! Sorry I've been a bit spacey lately... I used to write during naptime, but OH NO! No more naptime! Things never really improved after the last nap conflict. If he takes a nap now it's after being confined to his room for two hours, locked with me in a battle of wills while I seethe in frustration and he tears his room apart in an exhausted-yet-manic fury. It's really special.

So today after he had been in there happily reading his books for an hour and had only destroyed one small birthday party goodie bag notebook (and not any books! progress!), I went up there to sort through Wesley's future clothes stash to find some things that will fit him this fall. I sat on the floor in Wesley's room and left Charlie in his room with the gate up. He could see me and talk to me, but couldn't come out of his room. I didn't really have a plan, except for do not engage in a fight with an almost three-year-old, but he was being so nice that I let him out.

He stood among the clothes in Wesley's room holding Phent like a baby and twisting back and forth as he patted Phent's bottom (if he has a bottom), which is how I used to get Wes to sleep. And then he laid Phent gently on the big kid bed in Wesley's room, read him a story, and told him night night. And then I took them out for a piece of pie. It was lovely.

Maybe it's time to let this one go? SnarkyMommy let naptime go for her son who is a little older than Charlie and successfully moved his bedtime up to 6:30. It would be sad for Ryan (who gets home at six) if Charlie went to bed this early, but maybe it would make my life a little easier in the afternoon. No more protracted naptime battles? Everyone in bed in time for SNL Primetime on Thursdays? I'll TAKE IT.


On Saturday my diligent Craigslisting paid off once again when we scored two twin size beds, two mattresses, a desk with bookshelves, a dresser, under-bed drawers, and a nightstand for $375. It took three trips to a neighborhood that was in the middle of nowhere to get everything home in the big car (oh how I love my car) and then about an hour of trial and error and begging Wesley to stop climbing on everything to get one of the beds assembled.

When it was done we all climbed up onto the (taller than I expected) bed and took a picture (Never-been-used bug quilt and sheets also found on Craigslist).

Wesley's new bed (someday)
Charlie looks tired because he REFUSES TO NAP. Wesley looks happy because OMG they installed a climbing gym IN MY ROOM.

We'll put the other bed in there when we take the crib down in about eleven months when Wes is ready to switch. I like to plan ahead. It makes me happy to be able to make such nice cozy places for my boys to refuse to sleep.


AJU5's Mom said...

I love the "refuse to sleep" line at the end! I have a friend who has had two kids give up naps most days before they turned 3, and they still end up staying up sometimes. But, they sleep in a little more int he morning...

Rima said...

I have a friend who puts her kids to bed by 6:30 every night and swears by it. They get up kind of early, though. 6:00 am I think, but it could be worse! A person can get a LOT done between 6:30 PM and 6:30 AM!

Kyla said...

KayTar went through stages of outgrowing nap...we'd have times like you are having now, where we would decide she could forgo it and then in a month or so, we'd find her passed out randomly on a daily basis, so we'd start it again for a while. Just roll with it. He'll get the sleep he needs, whether it is during the day or longer at night. If nap is making the both of you MORE cranky instead of LESS cranky, then it isn't really serving its purpose. LOL.

Kyla said...

PS: BubTar needed a nap until age 5, I think...but KayTar was 2-3 when she started phasing it out.

Sarah said...

Oh the no nap. I mourned the loss of naptime. Then I thought about enrolling him in afternoon preschool. 7 days a week. Then I decided to work in the afternoons and outsource my mothering. Rock!

We have recently moved bedtime up significantly (easy to do here in the north pole b/c it's already dark at like 6:15), and he sleeps later in the mornings, too.

Freaking awesome picture of you guys! LOVE the bed. I am beginning a CL hunt for a dresser for the kids' room, so I'll facebook you for tips on decoding the ads :)

Amy said...

Great find!

I am telling you, the 6:30 bedtime rocks the house. It's amazing. I never would have guessed.

Also, LMAO at Sarah's comment. I am totally outsourcing my Mommying next chance I get.

Marianne said...

Such a gorgeous family, Becca! :)