Wednesday, September 23, 2009


NOT SO FAST with that nap dropping business!

I picked Charlie up at school today and thought "Wow, Wes took a long morning nap and Charlie doesn't need a nap I can go to the store now like a normal SAHM instead of joining the insane rush with all the frazzled professional-types at five."

So I loaded everyone into the cart and steered towards the entrance. Charlie carefully smoothed Phent over the little platform by the handle of the shopping cart and laid his head on it. Hmmm. Not tired?

We got everything we needed and as I put Charlie in his carseat he said "I'm very, very tired.

He didn't go to sleep immediately but he was behaving nicely in his room, so I left him there. I laid Wesley down shortly after Charlie and he went to sleep. And then Charlie WENT TO SLEEP. IN HIS ROOM. BY HIMSELF. ASLEEP IN HIS ROOM.

And now it is 4:30, they are both still fast asleep, and I have pumpkin bread in the oven, green bean casserole all ready to go, and my turkey recipe picked out and prepped. And I washed the dishes. And all the breakfast and lunch dishes.

And now I'm watching Oprah and wondering why in the hell I thought I was ever busy before I had kids.



AJU5's Mom said...

I get this way with afternoon naps too - never knowing if AJU5 is going to take one or for how long. But almost 2 hours today was wonderful (because I got a nap too!).

And the busy thing - I just laugh at college students (who don't work) and say they are busy with 15 hours of class!

Rima said...


Sarah said...

That sounds lovely. I always try to hit the SAHM grocery shopping hours-- much more chill. Except on double coupon day or senior discount day.

Sarah said...

Also, I am stealing that perfect fall recipe for next week-- can you send me your pumpkin bread recipe?

Dr. Maureen said...

We're going through the beginnings of nap transition as well. After a few months of Jack needing a nap or else he'd be awful, and now we seem to be back to his being able to skip his nap and still be a pretty good kid. And also, the past two days that he took a nap, he went to sleep super late (as in, waaaay after he went to BED).

Today? No nap, asleep by 7:15. So. Not sure which is best.

Amy said...

That whole sneaky nap thing will crop up for you for a few days a week. But I found when he wasn't napping five out of seven days, it was probably official. I am just glad I got him to 3.5 with nap in tact. But you're right, I remember napping in kindergarten. At 1 p.m., after Mr. Rogers, my mom sent me to bed so she could have quiet time and watch her soaps!

Kyla said...

Of course he did!

I shop after 9pm, all by my lonesome.

sarah said...

oh god, I miss naptime. Naptime rocked it.