Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yes, we are ridiculous

As Ryan and I walked around MIT yesterday with the kids, we played a little game with ourselves where whenever we passed other people, one of us would say something to the other that would make the other people think we were faculty at MIT.

For example, we would spot a couple walking our way on the sidewalk. As they got closer, Ryan would say to me (often, a little too loudly) "How long do you think your faculty meeting will be? Should I get dinner for the kids?"

We played this game for many many blocks as I carried Wesley in my arms and an exhausted Charlie rode on Ryan's back in the Ergo.

me: "Did you get that memo from the Provost?"

Ryan: "I can't believe they only gave you TWO TA's this year!"

me: "Have you heard anything back on your career grant yet?"

Ryan: "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'll be late on Wednesday because GE wants a tour of my lab."

Then we started getting a little punchy.

Ryan: "My Summer II undergrads are the biggest bunch of entitled brats I've ever seen! NO late homework! It's on the syllabus! Why don't you go back to Westchester and work at the Gap!"

Me: "So I said 'What do you mean I can't breastfeed during meetings. I saw more of Dr. Andrews' breasts at the last holiday party than anyone would see if I was breastfeeding!'"

And then we were giggling too much to make it convincing, so that was the end of my brief career as an academic.*

*MIT if you are reading this, this never happened. I am way way WAY more serious than that! I have field experience! And I am willing to move to Boston.


sarah said...

love it.

Anonymous said...

Watch husband is from Westchester and worked at the gap. NO JOKE! Please promise that you will still be my friend when you pick up your very ill basil plant! ;(

Sarah said...

So so so so so funny. LOVE the italics at the end. Except if you were both faculty there, you'd have approximately 0 time to stroll around campus with your kiddos. You could, however, wave at your kids out your office window when the nannies strolled by with them :)

AJU5's Mom said...

I could see the two of you doing that! I wonder how many you actually fooled.

Grace said...

That is too funny. I bet you were totally believable.

Rima said...

I love couple who knows how to have fun! You two are right up my alley. If you lived closer, we could totally hang!

Staci said...

Y'all crack me up!!!