Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just another family wedding...

My cousin's wedding was heartfelt and beautiful. They got married on a hill overlooking the bay in front of my grandmother's rock garden. The ceremony was officiated by the brother of the bride and many family members participated, giving blessings and singing songs.

I loved the Gerbera Daisies and coordinated paper lanterns in the tent:

Wedding Flowers

Paper Lanterns

My uncle made these pretty bowls and the whole family pulled Salt Water Taffy for all of the guests:


After dark, there were sparklers:


And it wouldn't be a family wedding, at least not in my family, without a giant party. What do you get when there is a mix-up over who is supposed to buy the beer for the wedding? Everyone buys the beer for the wedding!

Beer Boat

We were all out on the dance floor well into the night when the groom in his swimsuit and bride, who was clad only in a bikini bottom and an orange life jacket, came running through the tent and across the lawn. The entire party let out a "WHOOOO!" as they joined the bride and groom on the dock, where many stripped down to their underwear (or less) and jumped into the ocean (not me, that water was COLD).

My family, we know how to party.

Booze Cruise
Me and my aunt and cousin on the party boat the night before the wedding.

The huge crowd caused the dock to sink just below the surface. Enough water sloshed over the top of it to wash everyone's clothes and shoes off the dock and into the water. A cousin of my dad's dove in to retrieve the flotilla of bras and panties before they could be washed out to sea (where they would undoubtedly make the day of some lonely lobsterman).

We were back on the dance floor when the sheriff arrived in response to "numerous noise complaints." Still wearing her swimsuit, my aunt explained that they were having a wedding and that some people had gone swimming. "Some people were naked" she added. "I'd like to see more of that!" said the cop.

Then he posed for a picture with my cousin, who was still dressed in her swimsuit and life jacket.

The next morning Charlie and I were leaving to go for a walk when a cousin pulled up in her car and asked if anyone had found her underpants and shoes.

This might just top last summer's trip-to-the-emergency-room-for-head-stitches wedding.


Kyla said...

Hahaha! Now, that sounds like a fun wedding!

Andrea said...


Someday we should write a book on how to throw the Best Wedding Ever.


Sarah said...

That sounds like a totally awesome wedding! Great pictures, too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Becca--We all enjoyed your report--you said it just right. Now it is Monday and we are waiting for the tent and the porto-potty to leave! The good weather is holding. Tomorrow we will be down to six. G'ma

Grace said...

That is AWESOME. I wish there were more of those types of weddings in my life.

AJU5's Mom said...

OKay, your family is just crazy! But a fun crazy for sure. I could see something slightly milder on my side of the family, but my in-laws would be appalled... so I guess no such wedding in my future (my siblings are all married)...

Amy said...

That is so many kinds of awesome!

Anonymous said...

I told you that I was sitting her trying to imagine what was happening in Maine.I MISSED IT..Glad you had fun.
G Mann

sarah said...

omg, that is an awesome party!!!