Thursday, August 27, 2009

His life of crime began at 11 months

The three of us were in the pharmacy section of the grocery store today after yet another visit with Pediatrician Man, who confirmed my suspicions that Charlie was suffering from another sinus infection (primary symptoms: mood swings, sociopathic behavior, absolutely disgusting volume of nasal discharge). I opened Charlie's Zithromax and drew some out with the dropper.

Wesley face lit up when he spotted the dropper. He started bobbing hopefully in his car seat. The junkie anticipates his next fix.

"Neh neh neh neh neh!"

(this lady on Oprah who can talk to babies told me that "neh" means an infant is hungry. For Wesley it means he is jonesing for some sugary, syrupy, penicilliny goodness)

I laughed. "Wesley, this is Charlie's medicine! You will get your medicine tonight after dinner!"

So, COOL! I'm running a crack house for small children.

Trying to juggle the open bottle of medicine and the prescription bag and and instructions I stuck the dropper in Charlie's mouth.

"Neh neh neh neh NAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" Not so happy now.

I recapped the bottle as Wesley screamed in protest from his infant carrier.

Maybe they make it taste a little too good?

Trying not to laugh I stuck the bottle in the cart and began to walk.

Charlie yelled "Hey Mama! They have DENTAL FLOSS!"

We made quite a trio. Wesley screaming indignantly after being denied Charlie's antibiotics, Charlie excitedly and loudly pointing out the oral hygiene items, and me, laughing so hard I was crying.


Sarah said...

Ha!! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Our lives are soooo glamorous :) --abby

Kyla said...

I kind of wish my kids liked meds. BubTar will choke them down (with some sputtering, dancing, and gagging), but KayTar always had to have them either as a shot, IV, or suppository until we got her Blessed Tube. ;)

AJU5's Mom said...

AJU5 loves the syringes for medicine (Motrin to be exact). It doesn't matter what is in it for her though - from nothing to water to Motrin to Benadryl - she likes them all!

Marianne said...

Love it... Life with boys is too funny.

apathy lounge said...

"Neh" means "hungry"? NOW they tell me!!