Sunday, August 30, 2009

Charlie's Weekend of Firsts

Yesterday was Charlie's first soccer class. His class, which is for three and four year olds (I snuck him in because he is dying to play sports like his cousins), meets every Saturday for four weeks. They "run drills" like Red Light Green Light and a game called "OUCH!" that Charlie was quite good at where they have to kick the ball directly at the coach and if it hits her she yells "OUCH!", and then at the end the have a little "scrimmage" when the older kids do something that looks like soccer and the younger ones (Charlie included) slide headlong into overstimulated meltdown territory.

Charlie chose his outfit and dressed himself. He wore two shirts, one a pajama top with cars on it, the other a striped shirt, green undies, and one sandal. Luckily we convinced him to wear these "special soccer shorts" and sneakers.

First Day of Soccer
This guy was so excited about soccer he couldn't STAND IT.

When we reached the gym at the community center (soccer is inside because Texas doesn't know it's fall yet. LAME) and he saw the soccer goals set up he FREAKED OUT with excitement. He ran all over the gym yelling "NETS! NETS! NETS!"

Soccer Class

Except for some apprehension during the scrimmage at the end, where Charlie wanted Ryan to come play with him because "no one would give him the ball," it was a huge success. On the way home we got him a well deserved apple juice slush.

Then today, he had his first day of big kid Sunday School. It was a lot like the nursery in that I have no idea what they did in there and he came home with a coloring sheet and Goldfish breath. I was really proud of the way he walked right into the room and took a place at the coloring table. When we came to pick him up he couldn't wait to show us what he had colored.

First Day of Sunday School

This morning before church the weather was so nice (finally in the low seventies when we woke up instead of almost eighty) that the boys and I ate breakfast on the porch (bananas for them, coffee for me) and then played for almost an hour. Outside! For an hour! And no one succombed to heat stroke! MAN do I love the fall.


sarah said...

I cannot believe how grown up Charlie is! We mentioned the possibility of soccer to Ethan this fall and now it's all he talks about. Sure hope Mama can come through on that one! eek!

Alyssa said...

That is so cute! That is the thing DH is most looking forward to when we have kids - he's already scoping out leagues! LOL

Sarah said...

so cute! isn't tiny soccer like the cutest thing you've ever seen? also, love the back name tag-- my gym daycare does that, and it's so cute. what a big boy!

Kyla said...

Awww! He's growing up!

AJU5's Mom said...

We embark on the big kid Sunday School soon too (would be this Sunday if we were going to be there). It is so exciting to see them grow but also so scary! I am glad Charlie loved soccer!

Rima said...

He looks SO CUTE in those special tennis shoes!