Thursday, July 2, 2009

OH but it gets BETTER!

So far today Charlie has had four hysterical tantrums over NOTHING and I've gotten two rejection letters. One of those I was asking to work FOR FREE! I can't even get people to hire me for free!

It's 7:20. This is definitely worse than yesterday.

UPDATE: God bless the creepy firefighter video we picked up at the library on Tuesday. Firefighter Bob and Firefighter Thor are my BFFs, is all I have to say.

And also, uh, well played.


Leslie said...

oh Bec....hang in there! I can totally relate on the job front...when we first moved to NYC I auditioned for a couple of local companies that don't pay and no one would cast me. I bad much I be if I can't get people to let me sing for FREE!?!

Sarah said...

Firefighter Thor? Awesome. And creepy.

Sorry about the jobs-- that stinks.

I hear you about the tantrums-- Harry woke up super, duper crabby which led to a bickering morning for all of us. Hope your day gets better.

AJU5's Mom said...

I hate it when the morning starts off bad - it takes twice as much good stuff to even make you in a good mood! Hopefully the afternoon will be more fun!

Kyla said...


Bad mornings are the worst...and two in a row is just cruel and unusual punishment.