Friday, July 3, 2009


About an hour after I wrote that last post I thought "What's a good way to get out of the house? Hmmm, let's go see Pediatrician Man!" I said to the doctor "He's had this awful congestion for five days and he's kind of...out of sorts...not himself." I didn't know that wild behavior was an actual symptom, but the doctor took one look at Charlie's nose and recoiled. "OH!"

She couldn't believe he didn't have an ear infection. As it turns out, Charlie was grouch because he had a sinus infection. An hour after he took his first dose of antibiotic he told me his "ears were talking." And after his nap the disgusting nose running had abated and he was back to his sweet, wonderful self. He watched some of the creepy fireman video from the library (think crusty old FDNY fire fighters talking dryly about using the Jaws of Life to "cut open cars like a tin can to get the people trapped inside" and talking about how the "outriggers on the truck lower hydraulically and lift the whole apparatus off the ground to stabilize it so they can extend the bucket to the fire." Charlie adores it and will not be dissuaded. I figure he'll learn something.). He helped me make dinner. He even shoved the lemon in the cavity of the chicken (It was one stick of butter delicious!).

He was a good host to our guests, sitting patiently at the table with his napkin in his lap while Ryan carved the chicken. He was cute and funny and, well, he was Charlie. And I feel like a huge j-e-r-k for not attributing his mean-spirited, tantrummy behavior to him feeling crummy.

Now we are going to go play in the back yard because he just hopped up when Curious George was over and asked to go out. And then he didn't try to kick me when I was putting his shoes on. It's going to be a GOOD day!


AJU5's Mom said...

I am glad you found the answer to his crankiness and it wasn't just a new, long lasting phase!

Kyla said...

Oh no! But I'm glad cranky isn't his new permanent setting!

Sarah said...

Oh no! I NEVER think about that when my kids are crabby. Maybe now I will-- thanks! GLad he feels better.

sarah said...

oh, poor bean! I do the same thing all the time. I'm glad he's feeling better!!