Friday, July 31, 2009

And I was worried about doing something foolish!

The first night of my BlogHer trip I had dinner at a fancy restaraunt with some other lovely lady bloggers. The setting was lovely, the wine abundant, and the conversation lively and enjoyable.

It was a night out the likes of which haven't been seen by me in at least three years. Or ever, really, since I went to grad school in a very small town whose fanciest? fancyest? most fancy? restaraunt was Chili's. And we had no money.

So there I was, all dressed up in a dress and heels and not-babyproof jewelery, holding my Pinot and talking to my friend Sarah about how much grad school sucked and how much I miss it anyway, when another woman at the table innocently interrupted me.

And then I did something so embarassing that I repressed the memory until nearly a week later when I was lying in bed a time-zone and a world away from Chicago nursing Wesley back down at four o'clock in the morning.

I reflexively held up my index finger, and without looking at her, said (in my very best cheerful but firm mommy-voice of course) "Just a minute, Sweetie!" then picked right up where I'd left off with Sarah.

The room spun a little in my head when I realized what I'd done, but I tried to gloss over it by totally avoiding eye contact with the poor woman for at least twenty minutes until our appetizers arrived and provided a distraction.

And no, I did not try to cut her meat or push her drink back from the edge of the table.


Sarah said...

I so did not even notice that happening, but I do remember you saying oh shit I just called her sweetie!

Grad school sure did suck. And I kind of miss it anyway.

Rima said...


If she has kids, she'll understand!

apathy lounge said...

Mommy Auto Pilot!!!

sarah said...

OMG, no way!! LOL I SO wish I had heard that. I would have peed my pants! (okay, so in that case, I"m kind of glad I didn't hear that).

Kyla said...


Amy said...

OK I am DYING right now! That is hilarious.