Friday, June 19, 2009


It's over. I survived. I just woke up from a nap during which I dreamed the VBS theme music.

I used my mean mommy voice. I threatened time-outs. I threatened standing at the back of the line. I took toys away.

I broke up many fights among exhausted, hungry children.

I cuddled. I encouraged. I sang. I acted silly. We walked in slow motion, walked like robots, walked like birds to keep them occupied as we walked.

It was a pretty good day. But I did get head-butted again. And I had to bodily remove the head-butter from the bouncy house, in a separate incident. All forty-five-ish pounds of him puddled on the ground like a toddler, screaming and whining. I told him to stand up and walk like a big boy or his mommy would be alerted. He stood up for a second and then flopped over, hard, just as I took his hand. Little punk.

They went home. Thank goodness they all went home.

I picked up Charlie and stood in line for teacher appreciation hot dogs with his exhausted body draped over mine, head on my shoulder. I rubbed the spot between his shoulder blades. He wrapped his arms around my neck. We got Wesley. We ate lunch. Charlie said please and thank you and ate nicely with a fork. Wesley ate blueberries off my plate and stared at the lights on the ceiling. When it was time to go Charlie waited patiently in his chair while I threw our plate and cup away.

I know Charlie and Wesley are normal kids and they will drive me crazy on and off for the rest of their lives. But I have never felt luckier that they are mine.


Shannon said...

They are good children because you taught them to be. More often than not, good parents produce good children. Any advice on how to get mine to act like that when he is Charlie's age?

Sarah said...

So sweet! Yay for you for surviving the week-- I bet your class had a blast.

Kyla said...

You lived! Hooray!

Your own kids are always easier than someone else's.

AJU5's Mom said...

You made it! I bet you all took a nice, long nap when you got home!